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Post oral surgery instructions

Oral Surgery – Post Instructions The healing period following the surgery you have just had typically takes one to two weeks and is uneventful provided you follow the following instructions. Bleeding: Leave the gauze in your mouth and continue biting on it for 30 minutes.  If active bleeding continues, fold new piece of gauze tightly, […]

Do the kids love Dr. B Bauer?


  I have found working “super fast” is critical with young children.  Seeing the attention span of my own young ones and being the oldest of 5 children growing up I feel speed is critical when treating children.  We use very strong topical gels and give the injection in 2 steps.  With this technique the […]

Denture occlusion schemes


Occlusal scheme for removable prosthetics – Denture occlusion Denture occlusion, like teeth occlusion, is complex and confusing.  Fortunately, opinions are not as strong and there is more of a consensus but still not a definitive right way. Buccalized occlusion – only mandibular facial functional cusps Shirani 2014 JPD found might be better patient satisfaction but […]

Denture Teeth

denture teeth nhc

Denture Teeth options Nano-hybrid denture teeth – Nano Hybrid Composite (NHC) material composition   Ivoclar Phonares NHC Haereus Mondial   Candulor PhysioStar NFC. NFC+ is a composite based on a urethane dimethyl acrylate matrix (UDMA matrix) composed of various types and sizes of fillers as well as PMMA clusters. This results in outstanding physical material […]

Dental impression

block out material for dental impression

Dental impression information Dental impression research and comparisons. Impression vs digital scan There are reasons to use both of these in certain situations but often it comes down to doctor preference. Dental impressions Metal tray better than plastic.   Putty better than heavy/light.  Dental digital scans  List of most of the big names CEREC® (learn more) […]

Lab Technique


Lost wax investment technique with teeth in a wax trial denture Advancements PMMA used since 1930’s polymethylmethacrylate Recent advancements is delivery of PMMA through injection molding In 2002 LC thermoplastic urethane-dimethacrylate resin Advantage of urethane-dimethacryalte No monomer No flasking and packing Short processing times Less than half volumetric shrinking compared to PMMA Will bond to […]

How long does a dental crown last?


Dental crown survival rates Dental crown categories can be sub-divided into porcelain fused to metal 3,2 (many different types of metal being used), porcelain fused to ceramic (alumina and zirconia but really just zirconia), metal crowns 4 (many types), ceramic crowns 1 (also many types), and the newest form of ceramic/resin hybrids (also many types).  […]