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Dental Implant impressions


Dental implant impressions research Splinted is better than nonsplinted at higher degrees of angulation.  No difference with straighter implants.  Tsagkalidis 2015 JPD Metal tray better than plastic stocks.  But what about custom??? Splinted better than non-splinted for complete arch cases  Encode impressions less accurate than open or closed 1  Systemic Review Papaspyridakos JOMI 2014 – […]

Custom incisal guidance


Once the decision is made to make a custom incisal guide table, the following sequence of steps should be followed. Determine if you are going to restore the patient in a seated condylar position (CR) or in maximum intercuspal position (MIP). If the two positions do not coincide, decide if you want to perform an […]

Bonding Agents

dental composite or white filling

 Dental Bonding Agents Basically all have an acidic conditioner, dentin primer, and bonding resin. 3M products Optibond products Bisco 4th Generation dental bonding agent Gold standard. 1 etch 2 rinse 3 prime 4 bond more technique sensitive Top 3 3M Adper Scotchbond Multi-purpose plus Optibond FL All-Bond 2 5th Generation dental bonding agent 1 etch […]

Blood thinners and dental work

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Blood thinners and dental work Blood Thinners (List) Anticoagulants Coumadin  (warfarin) Why we don’t go off. Wahl 2000 JADA Pradaxa (dabigatran) Xarelto (rivaroxaban) Eliquis (apixaban) Antineoplastics Antiplatelet Aspirin Plavix (clopidogrel) Effient (prasugrel) Brilinta (ticagrelor)                                                           INR values for oral surgery This data is based on the 1997 study listed. In 2000 one study showed almost […]

Medical History

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Medical History Update for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants Bleeding Issues Medication:  Coumadin   Plavix   Pradaxa Xarelto Eliquis  Aspirin  Antineoplastics     any blood thinners including garlic Diseases:    Liver diseases Conditions:  Clotting issues Healing Issues Smoker?          Dry Mouth?         Birth control? Diseases:     Diabetes      Renal Disease     COPD     Congestive heart failure     HIV Connective Tissue Diseases like     RA    Sjogren’s Syndrome History of:  […]

MMP inhibition

dental composite or white filling

MMP inhibition MMP=matrix metalloproteinase=zinc-dependent endopeptidase that degrade extracellular matrix proteins.  They are present in dentin and when exposed to a weak acid or even water become active so they do help slow decay grow. protease inhibitors Chlorhexidine galardin (synthetic MMP-inhibitor) green tea polyphenols (especially epigalolocatechin-3-gallate) tetracyclines and specifically doxycylcine Quaternary ammonium compounds Gluteraldhyde (GLUMA) may […]

Drugs for pregnancy and breastfeeding


Safe drugs to use in dentistry for pregnant patients and breastfeeding patients   Below is a table of the commonly used drugs in dentistry and the safety level for pregnant women and those breastfeeding.   Key medication considerations during pregnancy and  breast-feeding. AGENT FDA  PR* CATEGORY SAFE DURING PREGNANCY? SAFE DURING BREAST-FEEDING? Analgesics and Anti-inflammatories† […]

Consent for Oral Surgery

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Consent Oral Surgery ____________________________________________________     I hereby authorize Patient Name Dr. Bryan Bauer to perform the following procedure __________________________ The doctor has explained to me the proposed treatment and the anticipated results.  I understand there are possibly alternative forms of treatment.  The doctor has explained to me that there are certain potential risks involved with this […]

Crown margin


Where to put the crown margin? Placement – There is no indication impacts decay Papageorgiou BDJ 2013 Conclusion This systematic review and meta-analysis failed to detect a significantly different secondary caries rate of subgingivally located prosthetic margins in the short to mid-term (≤10 years). Due to the small number and the limitations of the included […]