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Crown margin


Where to put the crown margin? Placement – There is no indication impacts decay Papageorgiou BDJ 2013 Conclusion This systematic review and meta-analysis failed to detect a significantly different secondary caries rate of subgingivally located prosthetic margins in the short to mid-term (≤10 years). Due to the small number and the limitations of the included […]



Class I articulator: a simple holding instrument capable of accepting a single static registration; vertical motion is possible. Class II articulator: an instrument that permits horizontal as well as vertical motion but does not orient the motion to the temporomandibular joints. Class III articulator: an instrument that simulates condylar pathways by using averages or mechanical […]

Fiber reinforced substructures


Fiber reinforced substructures for an implant supported framework. Fiber reinforced substructures or frameworks for the implant supported denture are possibly the future. They have so many great advantages and I have gotten into using them on certain cases. <–8th post  9th in series of 17 on this topic  Next post–> Advantages of the fiber reinforced […]