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Gum graft

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Soft tissue graft – Periodontal soft tissue grafting – Gum graft Soft tissue graft procedures can fix many tooth and implant issues. To see more about cervical lesions and recession or implant soft tissue grafting just click the links. Free gingival graft FGG Steps for a free gingival graft Split thickness flap at mucogingival junction […]

Tunnel connective tissue graft

rolled connective tissue pedicle graft

Tunnel connective tissue graft options Tunnel connective tissue grafts are becoming more common and the steps and techniques may vary from clinician to clinician. Pedicle tunnel connective tissue graft The pedicle tunnel connective tissue graft is a nice trick for anterior soft tissue grafting. A vascularized interpositional periosteal (VIP) connective tissue graft and interpositional vascularized […]

Gain keratinized tissue pre-implant surgery

keratinized tissue regeneration

A method to gain keratinized tissue pre-implant surgery The first question to ask is do you need more keratinized tissue? How much are you starting with? There are different methods to use depending on if a tooth is still in place or not. Many premolars and canines lack much keratinized tissue and may benefit from […]

Cervical lesion surgical treatment

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Cervical lesion treatment options of Connective Tissue Graft or Alloderm Etiology of cervical lesions is multi-factorial.   Before After Conditions impacting success Material used Tooth root surface Surgical technique Host conditions such as healing ability, muscle pulls, post op care Surgical treatment options for noncarious cervical lesion (NCCL) Vertically coronally advanced flap (V-CAF) and connective […]