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Metal free partial denture

metal free partial denture

Looking for a metal free partial denture? Metal free partial denture is a patient removable dental prosthesis that we use to replace missing teeth. The use of new products allow dentists to finally offer something with confidence that patients will like! The main reason people have an interest in metal free partial dentures is esthetics […]

Implant assisted partial denture


What is an implant assisted partial denture? Implant assisted partial denture is a partial denture that has one or more dental implants helping it out. What does an implant assisted partial denture look like? If you know what a partial denture looks like then you know what an implant assisted partial denture looks like. The […]

Hader bar

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Hader bar   Fee for new denture over hader bar   Nylon better than gold because gold too soft?  Not using gold anymore. Personal preference?They both seem to work well.  Nylon needs changing more, but easier to do.  Metal clips that are either passive or activated for retention.  Picked up directly into acrylic.

Implant overdenture attachments

When to use which implant overdenture attachments? ERA=vertical resilient better for implants Locator=rotational better for teeth Where implant is at help decide ERA vs locator Best location for 2 implant lower overdenture is lateral incisor and then canine. However, this list will help with those implant assisted partial dentures. Molar want rotation so Locator Canine […]

Partial Denture Design

kennedy klass

Partial denture design Partial denture design starts with partial denture classification. A great resource for partial dental design is FFOFR. A great textbook is the Atlas of Removable Partial Denture Design. It will give ideal designs for different scenarios. For patient information on partial dentures check the link. Dual path rpd or rotational path removable […]