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Chronic pain in the brain

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Chronic pain in the brain In a recent study Mackey 2014 of 94 people, half without pain issues and half with chronic lower back pain, analysis of the data was able to predict the individual with pain 76% of the time. Areas of the brains of individuals with lower back pain have less dense gray […]


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COMT (Catechol-O-methyl transferase) role in TMD New research has shown one of the genes that increases the likelihood of development of chronic pain.  COMT (Catechol-O-methyl transferase) enzyme degrades catecholamines such as dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine in our brain and there are multiple variants of this enzyme.  COMT is associated with pain responsiveness and contains some […]

Placebo effect and regression fallacy

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Placebo effect and regression fallacy impacts on dental care Chemical reason some are more prone to placebo Scientists don’t know all the details but we do know that placebo treatments work for some issues (especially those that involve brain chemicals like dopamine and endorphins).  Examples of health problems that are altered by those chemicals include […]

Temporomandibular disorder TMD

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Temporomandibular disorder TMD Temporomandibular disorders (TMDs) are characterized by pain in the muscles of mastication, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and/or the muscles associated with mastication in the head and neck.  Patients typically experience pain, limited opening, and/or clicking/popping of the TMJ joint.  This condition is much more common in females.  The severity of TMD ranges […]

Occlusal Dysesthesia or Phantom Bite Syndrome

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Occlusal Dysesthesia or Phantom Bite Syndrome Occlusal Dysesthesia, also known as Phantom Bite Syndrome and Occlusal Hyperawareness, is not that uncommon.  Almost every dentist can think of a patient or two that they know of that has this. Until learning of this diagnosis these were just the “crazy” patients that dentists struggle to try to […]

Acute TMD (Temporomandibular Disease)

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What is acute TMD? Acute TMD is a general term used to describe pain that is coming from the jaw muscles, jaw joints, or surrounding structures.  The joint we are referring to is called the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) — the joint on each side of your head in front of your ears, where your lower […]

Are you looking for TMD or TMJ treatment?

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Try an Orofacial pain fellow Remember TMJ/TMD is a condition that has to be managed and is very rarely in need of reversible treatment.  There are many doctors offering extensive and expensive “fixes” for TMJ issues.  Be very aware that the peer-reviewed evidence is clear about what the treatment should be, can find here. Many […]

NTI Information

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NTI appliance NTI stands for Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System, which explains exactly what it does. How does the NTI work? The NTI is an FDA approved occlusal splint (nightguard) designed to reduce muscle tension headaches and migraines.  All the information one would ever be interested in can be found on their website here.  […]

Orofacial pain

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Orofacial pain experts Orofacial pain experts are a newer sub-specialty that treat chronic pain patients without the dental blinders. I have great respect for those that have training through a University program as they are almost always more in line with how the medical field treats chronic pain. Orofacial pain professional organization The American Academy […]