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Digital dentures


Digital dentures or 3D printed dentures What is a digital denture? The two largest companies offering digital dentures right now are Pala dentures and AvaDent.  They can be 3D printed or CAD CAM. Why digital dentures? 3D printing and milling in theory should create the most accurate fit.  The hold up is still getting a […]

Denture problems

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Denture problems and their solutions Maxilla denture problems Sore spots – Mark obvious sore spots with Thimpson stick and allow to transfer.  Add PIP paste to check as well. Difficulty swallowing and gagging, discomfort in soft palate, and speech issues – Over-extension onto soft palate.  Check border hard and soft palate with Thompson stick and […]

Denture Tissue Conditioning and Soft Relining


Denture Tissue Conditioning and Soft Relining For perm soft reline use Novus If waiting for implants to heal under use Sofreliner S but check cost and ease use For immediate denture after extractions, tissue condition, functional impresssion use COE-Comfort All products bond better if processed by lab due to higher pressures and temperatures that can […]

Hard Reline

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Hard reline products COE-RECT – GC America Inc. Elite Hard Relining – Zhermack Inc GC RELINE – GC America Inc. Hygenic Acrylic – Coltène Justi – American Tooth Industries KOOLINER – GC America Inc. MucoHard Hard Reline Resin – Parkell, Inc. Original Truliner / New Truliner – Bosworth Company Probase / SR Ivocap / IvoBase […]

Fourth visit – Delivery


2 weeks after the third visit you receive your dentures.  This is a short visit.  We will confirm the is no major issues.  This visits lasts less than 30 minutes. Delivery Evaluate esthetics.  Patient happy? Evaluate fit, only adjust any major tight spots today Evaluate occlusion with Kerr indicator wax. PM adjust lower buccal incline […]

Dogma and dentures

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Some interesting facts about dentures 10-20% of denture wearers are dissatisfied no matter how denture fabricated. the doctors assessment of the quality of denture supporting tissues are poor predictors of future patient satisfaction of mandibular prosthesis. ( In other words one can not predict who will and who will not be happy other than to […]

Denture occlusion schemes


Occlusal scheme for removable prosthetics – Denture occlusion Denture occlusion, like teeth occlusion, is complex and confusing.  Fortunately, opinions are not as strong and there is more of a consensus but still not a definitive right way. Buccalized occlusion – only mandibular facial functional cusps Shirani 2014 JPD found might be better patient satisfaction but […]

Denture Teeth

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Denture Teeth options Nano-hybrid denture teeth – Nano Hybrid Composite (NHC) material composition   Ivoclar Phonares NHC Haereus Mondial   Candulor PhysioStar NFC. NFC+ is a composite based on a urethane dimethyl acrylate matrix (UDMA matrix) composed of various types and sizes of fillers as well as PMMA clusters. This results in outstanding physical material […]