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Ti base implant abutment

broken crown

Issues with the ti base implant abutment Ti base implant abutments are great in the right case when we use the right size and we use proper bonding protocols. What are some of the issues with ti bases? They can come apart. That is the biggest issue by far. Whether they break or the cement […]

How long can I wear an implant temporary crown

how long can I wear an implant temporary crown

How long can I wear an implant temporary crown? Interested in knowing how long a temporary crown on a dental implant will last?  Want to know how long you can wear a dental implant temporary crown? Typically implant crown temporaries are made to wear for anywhere from a few weeks for 4-6 months while the […]

Dental implant temporary

dental implant temporary immediate implant

Dental implant temporary for a front tooth?  What are options? If you are about to have a dental implant or dental implants placed on a front tooth you probably already know that means there will be a tooth missing in the area for several months.  How you will handle that missing space is up to […]

Custom healing abutment or tissue former

custom tissue former

How to make a custom healing abutment for dental implant Cerec can make to look like this – very cool custom tissue former To do by self need PEEK abutment and acrylic or universal bond and flowable Or metal is fine but only mechanical retention. Place temp abutment Pack plumbers tape in all around below […]

Gain keratinized tissue pre-implant surgery

keratinized tissue regeneration

A method to gain keratinized tissue pre-implant surgery The first question to ask is do you need more keratinized tissue? How much are you starting with? There are different methods to use depending on if a tooth is still in place or not. Many premolars and canines lack much keratinized tissue and may benefit from […]

Surgical flap for a dental implant

modified surgical flap for papilla creation

Surgical flap options for dental implants Surgical flaps around dental implants are important if you hope to maintain natural looking tissue and papilla. The modified dental implant surgical flap. This flap can help form form a papilla between two dental implants. Side by side implant uncovering However, this flap design from Zhang JPD 2022 is […]

Hybrid abutment

h abutment

Dental implant Hybrid abutment is also known as the H abutment Hybrid abutment is an abutment with a titanium section that is against the dental implant and a ceramic section over it to hide the metal. The H abutment is often specifically a lithium disilicate sleeve that the lab lutes to the titanium base. Hybrid […]

Implant position anterior

Anterior dental implant position for esthetics Most of the steps and rules are to ensure you can achieve a nice emergence profile. The biggest mistake that one can not come back from is placing the implant too shallow. There’s more information on our immediate dental implant page. Rules of Six 6 mm inter-radicular (5mm) 6 […]

Immediate placement immediate load of periodontal anterior tooth

Immediate placement and immediate temp of periodontal anterior tooth DEc 12 Diagnostic cast PA measure bone height IP to incisal edge of adjacent tooth On cast get pre-fab temp and have contact point be 5-6mm from bone level.