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Implant supported bridge – full mouth rehabilitation Full list of blogs

full mouth dental implants

All blogs for implant supported bridge Dental codes implant supported denture bridge and implant retained denture Treatment planning options Fabrication of temporary lab Creating temporary dentist Fabrication steps for dentist Lab work – Titanium substructure Lab work – Zirconia substructure Lab work – Composite teeth Lab work – Cement retained bridge Fiber substructure Delivery of […]

All on 4 home care

dental code hybrid denture

Full arch prosthesis maintenance or all on 4 maintenance This information applies to acrylic, composite, or porcelain prosthesis and to all on 4 or implant supported denture or implant supported full arch bridge (or any other name). All on 4 home care and office care Waterpick or airflosser and/or superfloss twice a day. You can […]

Dental code hybrid denture

dental code hybrid denture

What is dental code hybrid denture? 2015 ADA codes This post covers dental codes for both hybrid dentures, bars and over-dentures, locators/ERA dentures and implant supported full arch bridges.  For those of us providing FFS care, the codes are kind of irrelevant because we are maxing out any dental insurance plan and the cost is […]

All on 4 maintenance

all on 4 full arch hybrid

All on 4 maintenance or All on 4 cleaning This information applies to acrylic or porcelain prosthesis and to all on 4 or implant supported denture or implant supported full arch bridge (or any other name). Patient take home sheets are found on this implant supported denture link.  Very similar to this information. There are […]

Telescopic attachment retained prosthesis


Removable implant-supported dental prostheses with telescopic attachments Just getting this blog going.  Telescope is defined here Great DT post here Deutsch or Olaf Syncope is similar. Not true telescope but similar and is removable by patient. Locator F-Tx is removable by dentist only.  Has plastic attachments that “break” when inserting so can not take […]

Telescope crown or konus (conus) crown?

wheaton dentist

Telescope crown, konus (conus) crown, or insertion coping? Telescope crown, konus crown or conus crown, and insertion coping are all different names given to similar retention strategies for a removable prosthesis. They can be on dental implants or teeth. Telescope crown v conus crown v insertion coping Diagram showing the differences – This is all […]

Implant supported zirconia bridge (all on 4 denture upgrade)

all on 4 full arch hybrid

Implant supported zirconia bridge – What is it? Screw retained implant supported zirconia bridge framework (a hybrid denture upgrade) Case of the week Jane’s implant supported zirconia bridge story The implant supported zirconia bridge and Jane…..  Jane had suffered from Sjorgen’s for years.  Due to the dry mouth that Sjorgen’s causes, she slowly lost nearly […]