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Final impression and verification of impression


Visit #1  Full arch impression with implant impression copings This should be with an abutment level impression, multi-unit abutments placed at 35Ncm.  Shoulder should be supragingival.  Or can be implant level impression with temporary Ti cylinders that are used to determine angles of mutli-unit abutment required.  No matter which is used implant should have healing […]



Should now have prosthesis and NEW screws. Remove healing abutments or temp prosthesis Ensure multi-unit abutments at 35Ncm Seat primary bar and tighten screws. Hand-tighten the prosthetic screws, alternating from one side to the other. Once 2 in, one each side, check ischemia.  If still there in 3 minutes remove and reduce area and polish. […]

Implant overdenture attachments


Implant Overdenture attachments ERA=vertical resilient better for implants Locator=rotational better for teeth Where implant is at help decide ERA vs locator Molar want rotation so Locator Canine can go either way PM worst area want ERA, like a teeter tooter Anterior can be either (square jaw=locator or v shaped=ERA think of as similar to PM […]

Treatment planning Overdenture


Overdenture prosthesis  Implant Supported Overdenture=Implant-Supported Bar Overdenture Implant and Tissue Supported Overdenture=Implant Retained Overdenture (Prosthesis) =Implant Retained Tissue Supported Overdenture Telescopic could be either or the above but more likely to be # 2 Implant Supported Overdenture is 4-6 implants in the anterior with bar superstructure.  Completely supported by bar.  The suprastructure is recommended to […]

Final impression and verification of impression for implant overdenture


Implant supported OD is very similar to implant supported prosthesis Just follow those steps Implant retained OD is very similar to denture and a fixed detachable provisional Initial impression Measure depth from implant platform to most coronal aspect of surrounding gingival tissue for depth locators Take alginate impression Final impressions Seat locator abutments to specified […]