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Final impression and verification of impression


Visit #1  Full arch impression with implant impression copings This should be with an abutment level impression, multi-unit abutments placed at 35Ncm.  Shoulder should be supragingival.  Or can be implant level impression with temporary Ti cylinders that are used to determine angles of mutli-unit abutment required.  No matter which is used implant should have healing […]



Should now have prosthesis and NEW screws. Remove healing abutments or temp prosthesis Ensure multi-unit abutments at 35Ncm Seat primary bar and tighten screws. Hand-tighten the prosthetic screws, alternating from one side to the other. Once 2 in, one each side, check ischemia.  If still there in 3 minutes remove and reduce area and polish. […]

Implant overdenture attachments


When to use which implant overdenture attachments? ERA=vertical resilient better for implants Locator=rotational better for teeth Where implant is at help decide ERA vs locator Molar want rotation so Locator Canine can go either way PM worst area want ERA, like a teeter tooter Anterior can be either (square jaw=locator or v shaped=ERA think of […]