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Full mouth implant supported bridge

Looking for all on 4, all on 6, hybrid denture, or implant supported bridge? Case of the week Sam came to us in desperate shape.  He had suffered from periodontal disease his entire adult life.  Now in his 50’s he was facing the reality of having NO teeth.  His lower front teeth were so loose […]

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Hybrid denture

All blogs for implant supported bridge Dental codes implant supported denture bridge and implant retained denture Treatment planning options Fabrication of temporary lab Creating temporary dentist Fabrication steps for dentist Lab work – Titanium substructure Lab work – Zirconia substructure Lab work – Composite teeth Lab work – Cement retained bridge Fiber substructure Delivery of […]

Dental code hybrid denture

What is dental code hybrid denture? This post covers dental codes for both hybrid dentures, bars and over-dentures, locators/ERA dentures and implant supported full arch bridges.  For those of us providing FFS care, the codes are kind of irrelevant because we are maxing out any dental insurance plan and the cost is mostly out-of-pocket.  These […]