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Laboratory work for Zirconia substructure CAD CAM

zirconia all-on-4 implant supported

CAD CAM laboratory work for Zirconia substructures Laboratory work for Zirconia substructures is more technique and product sensitive than some of the other options. We must take great care must in product selection and fabrication of zirconia substructures. <–5th post  6th in a series of 17 on topic  Next post–> Laboratory work for zirconia substructures […]

Treatment planning


Treatment planning Implant Supported Prosthesis First in series of 17 posts on this topic  –>Second post 4 main options for implant supported prosthesis Fixed ceramometal prosthesis Fixed detachable prosthesis Overdenture prosthesis Fixed removable prosthesis 1. Fixed ceramometal prosthesis=Fixed full arch implant bridges Cemented crowns on transmucosal abutments OR secured with screws directly into multi-unit abutments.  […]

Fiber reinforced substructures


Fiber reinforced substructures for an implant supported framework. Fiber reinforced substructures or frameworks for the implant supported denture are possibly the future. They have so many great advantages and I have gotten into using them on certain cases. <–8th post  9th in series of 17 on this topic  Next post–> Advantages of the fiber reinforced […]

1 week post delivery

all on 4 full arch hybrid

<–10th post  11th in series of 17 on this topic  Next post–> Steps at the 1 week post delivery visit Recheck torque on screws at 15Ncm. PTFE and neosporin with flowable composite or acrylic over openings Check occlusion. Review oral hygiene instructions. Final photos Impression for nightguard over prosthesis. Night guard use will decrease minor […]

Maintenance and Complications – Implant supported prosthesis

wheaton dental implant

Maintenance and Complications – Implant supported prosthesis Maintenance and complications of the implant supported prosthesis is something we all must be aware of and paying attention to as the recommendations are likely to continue to evolve with new materials and new research. <–11th post 12th in a series of 17 on topic  Next post–> How […]

Occlusion Implant Dentures

wheaton dental implant

Occlusion of implant dentures or full arch bridges Occlusion of implant dentures is fairly straight forward with some variance on what is acceptable but not nearly as dogmatic as dentures and natural teeth. <–12th post  13th in a series of 17 on topic  Next post–> Occlusion of implant dentures depends on what the prosthesis is […]