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Final on four prosthesis

all on 4 full arch hybrid

Final on four – immediate metal-resin full arch dental implant supported prosthesis Final on four is another name for a denture prosthesis that attaches to the jaw with four dental implants.   Delivery of the final on four prosthesis just 2-3 days post surgery is possible BUT As this OSU (Yilmaz Aug 2015) case shows […]

Telescope crown or konus (conus) crown?

dental care with telescope and conus prosthesis

Telescope crown, konus (conus) crown, or insertion coping? Telescope crown, konus crown or conus crown, and insertion coping are all different names given to similar retention strategies for a removable prosthesis. They can be on dental implants or teeth. Telescope crown v conus crown v insertion coping Diagram showing the differences – This is all […]

Implant supported zirconia bridge (all on 4 denture upgrade)

all on 4 full arch hybrid

Implant supported zirconia bridge – What is it? Implant supported zirconia bridge is one of several framework options to make an implant supported bridge. Screw retained implant supported zirconia bridge framework (a hybrid denture upgrade) Case of the week Jane’s implant supported zirconia bridge story The implant supported zirconia bridge and Jane…..  Jane had suffered […]

Fabrication of provisional prosthesis pre-surgical

dental implant screws

<–First post  Second in series of 17 posts on topic Next post–> If do fully guided surgery can have milled prior to surgery Orentlicher 2013 Leave a bit of the palate though to aid in seating.  Seen in this video at 10:30 Digital Treatment Protocols: Implant Therapy By Siamak Abai Basically same as making a […]

Fixed detachable provisional – How to create

fixed detachable provisional temp basic

Fixed detachable provisional – Lab does it Fixed detachable provisional is the temporary prosthesis that a patient wears while their final implant supported denture or prosthesis is being made. We often deliver this on the day of implant surgery or the day after. <–Second post  This is the 3rd in a series of 17 posts […]

Implant supported prosthesis steps

Hybrid denture impression figures

Implant supported prosthesis steps for the dentist Implant supported prosthesis steps do not have to be overwhelming for the dentist, just take it step by step. There are many ways to do this and alternatives can be found in each visit. <–3rd post  4rd in a series of 17 posts on this topic Next post […]

Laboratory work metal framework

dental implant internal view

<– 4th post 5th post of 17 on topic  Next post –> Metal framework material include gold (very expensive), Ti (currently most common), and CrCo (becoming more popular).  You can CAD CAM or laser sintering 3D print these.  Printing is more accurate but less common.  Ortorp 2011 DentMat Treatment of Ti bar:  sandblast, GC Metal […]

Laboratory work for Zirconia substructure CAD CAM

Zirconia framework

CAD CAM laboratory work for Zirconia substructures Laboratory work for Zirconia substructures is more technique and product sensitive than some of the other options. We must take great care must in product selection and fabrication of zirconia substructures. <–5th post  6th in a series of 17 on topic  Next post–> Laboratory work for zirconia substructures […]

Laboratory work with composite teeth

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

<–6th post  7th in a series of 17 on topic  Next post–> Hybrid denture with composite instead of acrylic so can easily be repaired by DDS Robert Sarno CDT from IDT article Composite (anaxdent) fused to zirconia   He also uses PMMA temp Primotec’s Premiotemp multi-layered PMMA Sebastien Mosconi from IDT article