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Pediatric dental medication

Pediatric dental medication

What is the correct pediatric dental medication for the child? Pediatric dental medication will depend on the weight of the child. That and any allergies are the two most important pieces of information you will need to write a pediatric RX. Personally I have found the easiest method to write a script for a child […]

Black stain on children’s teeth?

Dr. Bauers family and general dentist

Is chromogenic bacteria the cause for black stain on children’s teeth? Chromogenic bacteria is the primary cause for black stain on children’s teeth. We see it almost exclusively on children and it is fairly common. What is chromogenic bacteria? There are several species of bacteria that we all carry in the upper respiratory tract. They […]

White bump in a baby’s mouth

small white bump in babys mouth

Did you find a small white bump in your baby’s mouth or on your baby’s gums? A white bump in your baby’s mouth or on their gums is almost always going to be a benign keratinous cyst. That means it is nothing to worry about and it will go away on it’s on. What are […]

Groper appliance

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The pediatric Groper appliance Groper appliance is a is a space maintainer for children who have lost their baby front teeth early in life. This may be from an accident or caries. The Groper appliance attaches to the posterior molars with cement and should not come out. Some of these appliances are made with posterior […]

Tongue tie?

posterior tongue tie surgery

Does your child have a tongue tie? Do you need a tongue tie surgery? Tongue tie treatment can be very simple if the right tools are available. We use the very best laser on the market to treat our tongue ties, the Solea CO2 laser. What is a tongue tie? A tongue tie is a […]

Wheaton school district boundaries

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Where are the Wheaton school district boundaries? Wheaton school district boundaries are something that we occasionally need to look up so we are “storing” the information here on our site. Wheaton school system List of where each Wheaton school ends up feeding into for both North and South Wheaton High School. Wheaton North High School […]

Baby bottle decay and white crowns

Baby bottle decay white crowns

How we fix baby bottle decay with white baby crowns Baby bottle decay is a fairly common issue we see in very young children that drink juice from a baby bottle. It impacts the front four teeth the worst and can cause the the teeth be need a lot of dental work at a very […]

White stainless steel crown alternative

White stainless steel crown alternative both jaws

What is the white stainless steel crown alternative? White stainless steel crown alternative treatments do exist! If you are a parent looking for something that looks white for your child there is one excellent option available! The pediatric white dental crown is the answer and many more details can be found on the previous link! […]

White kids crown

white kids crowns

Are you looking for a white kids crown alternative? White kids crown alternative to the metal kids crown is available and our Board Certified Pediatric Dentist, Dr. White is providing this service to kids across the Midwest. What are the benefits of the white kids crown? The only real benefit is the esthetic benefit. One […]

Silver diamine fluoride SDF

SDF black back teeth

What is silver diamine fluoride SDF? Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a product dentists use to treat dental caries. It is new to the US but has been in use elsewhere for decades. SDF application is around 80% effective but teeth with “holes” still need to have a filling and we often use the SMART. […]