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White kids crown

white kids crowns

Are you looking for a white kids crown alternative? White kids crown alternative to the metal kids crown is available and our Board Certified Pediatric Dentist, Dr. Briney is providing this service to kids across the Midwest. What are the benefits of the white kids crown? The only real benefit is the esthetic benefit. One […]

Silver diamine fluoride SDF

SDF black back teeth

What is silver diamine fluoride SDF? Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a product dentists use to treat dental caries. It is new to the US but has been in use elsewhere for decades. SDF application is around 80% effective but teeth with “holes” still need to have a filling and we often use the SMART. […]

Pediatric Dentist In Wheaton Explains Dentistry For Kids

pediatric dentist wheaton

Pediatric Dentist In Wheaton Explains Modern Dentistry For Kids We all remember going to the dentist as kids: climbing into the giant chair, being surrounded by unfamiliar equipment, and having our mouths poked at with pointy metal objects. Maybe you even remember getting a filling, which involved a painful shot of anesthetic and a loud, […]

Looking for a dentist, pediatric dentist, or orthodontist?

A Wheaton orthodontist, pediatric dentist and general dentist

Whether looking for a dentist, pediatric dentist, or orthodontist; we have you covered.  We are the Wheaton family dental office you are looking for. We are here to serve the dental needs of your entire family for their entire life.  Our goal is to be the only dental office your family will ever need! We […]

Wheaton Pediatric Dentist – Introducing Dr. Lynse Briney

pediatric dentist

Wheaton, please welcome our new board certified pediatric dentist – Dr. Lynse Briney! Dr. Lynse Briney completed her undergraduate degree at Iowa State University and continued on to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) College of Dentistry.  After graduation, Dr. Briney completed a one-year General Practice Residency at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center where […]

What kind of Mouthguard should I use?

invisalign damon, Wheaton Orthodontics

Located in wheaton, IL we have a cosmetic dentist, a pediatric dentist, and an orthodontist on location and see the results of no mouthguard occasionally.  We are often asked by our wheaton orthodontic patients, what mouthguard can I use. Long story short….use Shock Doctor Ultra STC Mouthguard or Shock Doctor Double Braces Youth Mouthguard if […]