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Radix root

missed canal radix root root canal

What is a radix root? Radix root is a term for an extra distal root on a lower molar tooth. What is the research on radix roots? The radix root is much more prominent in the Asian population. Less than 1% of Venezuelans have one but 22% of Chinese have one. Martins JOE 2022 Korean […]

File separation

root canal file separation

What to do about an endodontic file separation? Endodontic file separation during a root canal can and does occur. So what can we do about and what should we do about it? What happens when you have a root canal file separation? The first thing we will do is evaluate the situation. As you can […]


RCT molar

Decompression of a dental abscess Decompression of a dental abscess is something that is rare but beneficial with large lesions. Endodontists and oral surgeons are probably the main two specialists with training in this area. Steps for decompression of a dental abscess The steps for decompression depend to some degree on where it is in […]

Conservative endodontic access

stress concentration loading molar

Conservative endodontic access (Ninja access) Conservative endodontic access or ninja access is basically an access to complete a root canal that is very small. My bias is that most root canals we see fail do so from infection and likely ineffective cleansing. To limit ones ability to effectively clean out the inside to reduce the […]

Selective Root Retreatment

Selective Root Retreatment failure

Selective Root Retreatment of an endodontic failure Selective root retreatment is an endodontic retreatment procedure of a failing root canal. The difference is that in selective retreatment we only treat the root(s) that shows evidence of failure. When is it advisable to do selective root retreatment? Typically this will be a tooth with a root […]

Alternate canal negative apical pressure technique

Alternate canal negative apical pressure technique

Alternate canal negative apical pressure technique Alternate canal negative apical pressure technique is a process of cleaning teeth canals that have a connection apically or through isthmi. This technique is for specific canals of dental root canals in the field of endodontics. What is the alternate canal negative apical pressure technique? This is a technique […]

External Cervical Resorption

external cervical resorption treatment

External Cervical Resorption Treatment options – Also known as Invasive Cervical Root Resorption External cervical resorption and the subset of extra canal invasive resorption can be detrimental to a tooth. This pages discusses external cervical resorption treatment options and also discusses some general information about external invasive cervical root resorption. The best article I’ve seen […]

Middle Mesial Canal

mid mesial canal

Accessory mesial canal=Middle Mesial Canal Middle Mesial Canal is a canal in-between the mesial buccal and mesial lingual canals of a lower molar. The occurrence rate ranges from .3-46% (Kim v Azim) depending on your source but the number with own POE is possibly under 3% or as high as 46%. What is the middle […]



WF 42 Tooth vital- tooth necrotic (Any canal necrotic then tooth considered necrotic)# (teeth with MB3 present- able to cleanse and shape the MB3) – (teeth with MB2 present- able to cleanse and shape the MB2 – MB2 join MB1 – teeth I consider calcified that no MB2 was found) – total # of 2nd […]