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External Cervical Resorption

external cervical resorption treatment

External Cervical Resorption Treatment options – Also known as Invasive Cervical Root Resorption External cervical resorption and the subset of extra canal invasive resorption can be detrimental to a tooth. This pages discusses external cervical resorption treatment options and also discusses some general information about external invasive cervical root resorption. What is External Cervical Resorption […]

Middle Mesial Canal

mid mesial canal

Accessory mesial canal=Middle Mesial Canal Middle Mesial Canal or Accessory mesial canal is thought to be a component of the isthmus space between the mesiobuccal (MB) and mesiolingual (ML) canals that is both cleansable and shapable. There is no consensus of a definition between canal and isthmus. Middle mesial canal has been known about for […]



WF 42 Tooth vital- tooth necrotic (Any canal necrotic then tooth considered necrotic)# (teeth with MB3 present- able to cleanse and shape the MB3) – (teeth with MB2 present- able to cleanse and shape the MB2 – MB2 join MB1 – teeth I consider calcified that no MB2 was found) – total # of 2nd […]

Intentional replantation tooth


Intentional replantation tooth – When to use it? Orthodontics will use occasionally to replace missing anterior central tooth.  A single rooted premolar is the preferred tooth.  Endodontics may use as an alternative to retreatment or endodontic microsurgery. Intentional replantation tooth technique Extract and replant QUICKLY!  The sooner the better! Greater than 15 minutes has a […]