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Brazil study molars 54%=2R3C 32%=2R2C 4%=1R1C 3.5%=1R2C 3.5%=3R4C=Radix 2%=1R3C 1%2R4C second molars 3.5% C shape If single distal canal then about 60% have mesial canals that join Gen Dent Lamia 2016 C shaped canal (Interesting images Andres 2015 JOE June) 3 dimensional classifications somewhat similar percentages. Gao 2006 JOE Nov Type I merging = all […]

BF 43


Nothing special other than she didn’t come back for 18 months after initial treatment and of course the temp was gone.  I finished it today even though I would like to have let it sit with CaOH for another 2-4 weeks.  I suspect the chances of these being successful are much lower now. initial CaOH […]