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Studies on Anatomy Mandibular Premolar

C shaped premolar image

Root canal Anatomy Mandibular Premolar 98% single root (1-4 present) 76% single canal 79% single apical foramen.  Very high racial variances Cleghorn May 2007 Lit review Second premolars are more likely to have 1 canal (nearly all) leaving the first premolar more likely to have 2 canals (22%). Three canals are very rare less than […]

Gordon Christensen’s Clinicians Report

Dr. Bauers family and general dentist

For those that don’t know this is like the Consumer Reports of dental products.  Clinicians Report (CR) is a company Dr. Gordon Christensen started in 1977.  It has been aiding dentists in choosing products, materials, and techniques that work well for their patients ever since.  It is one of the best assets a dentist can […]

Mandibular incisor anatomy

dental nerves

Mandibular incisor anatomy – Mandibular central and lateral anatomy The mandibular incisor anatomy partially because the root is so small and there is a high percentage of teeth with more than one canal. This is not what many were taught in dental school. Mandibular incisor anatomy basics Mandibular incisors almost always have only 1 foramen […]

MM Sonic 1500 Sonic Air Handpiece by Micro-Mega USA

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

MM Sonic 1500 Sonic Air Handpiece is used to irrigate solution in the canal and pre-flare.  I think there are much more efficient ways of accomplishing this task than using this product.  I imagine if someone only had this to work with they would make do but I didn’t care much for it.  Newer technology, […]