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Your Wheaton Cosmetic Dentist Explains Veneers

Wheaton cosmetic dentist

Understanding The Process And Benefits Of Dental Veneers Unfortunately, the way you present yourself can mean the difference between making or breaking that interview, getting that client or impressing that company. First impressions are lasting and your smile is a big part making a good first impression. If you’ve tried everything, from the drugstore products […]

Composite veneers – Wheaton cosmetic dentist

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Veneers in Wheaton by cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer Case of the week Tiffany had slowly gotten more and more upset with her smile.  Small chips and breaks started to add up and the aging of existing dentistry didn’t help.  She had attempted to have things improved with another local general dentist but wasn’t happy with […]

Veneer removal with dental laser


Laser veneer removal Veneer removal by Hornbrook.  If you have an Erbium:YAG (VersaWave) or Chromium:YAG (Waterlase, IPlus) laser, or know someone close to you who does, you can probably remove a veneer without damage.  video on  If it’s partially loose, these usually come off easily.  If for some reason you are trying to take […]

New porcelain crowns

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Porcelain fused to metal dental crowns replaced with emax porcelain crowns Case of the week Harry had old PFM crowns placed as a young man after a skiing accident broke both teeth.  At the time this was the best result that was possible.  Harry was interested in upgrading his smile and closing the gap between […]

Broken tooth fixed with a VERY life like porcelain veneer


Case of the week Sometimes when an accident occurs and a front tooth is broken a decision is made to re-face the entire tooth with a porcelain veneer.  It is very challenging for all those involved to get a “perfect ” match.  Fortunately their are very skilled lab technicians out there that are capable of […]