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Veneers for receding gums

dental veneers for receding gums before and after replacement veneers of tetracycline stain

Replacement of old porcelain veneers with new dental veneers for receding gums Dental veneers for receding gums is a great way to fix your smile. There are other ways to treat receding gums like a tunnel graft but if you are looking for new smile veneers is the way to go. Sara is the case […]

Worn down teeth

front teeth worn down dental veneers

Case of the week Do you have worn down teeth? Worn down teeth, especially the front teeth, is a concern that many people have with the look of their smile. The reasons your teeth have worn down is likely multi-factorial but nearly all involve some sort of teeth grinding. Before and after photos Sharon was […]

Your Wheaton Cosmetic Dentist Explains Veneers

Understanding The Process And Benefits Of Dental Veneers The way you present yourself can mean the difference between making or breaking that interview, getting that client or impressing that company, or meeting that special someone. First impressions are lasting and your smile is a big part making a good first impression. If you’ve tried everything, […]

Veneers to replace old misshaped and miscolored crowns

Dental veneers and a little bonding Case of the week Jessica never really liked her smile.  She was missing two front teeth that were replaced with dental implants and crowns as a girl and had one center crown placed that was misshaped in comparison to the tooth next to it.  The color of the front […]