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Dental Veneers after failed dental implant

dental veneers

Bridge or Implant (after a failed dental implant)? Failed dental implant can be a MAJOR PIA for the patient, the doctor that placed the implant, and the restoring doctor (if different).  First off, there is the question of who’s fault is it?  Was the implant placed properly in the bone?  Was there cement left behind […]

Broken tooth fixed with a VERY life like porcelain veneer


Case of the week Sometimes when an accident occurs and a front tooth is broken a decision is made to re-face the entire tooth with a porcelain veneer.  It is very challenging for all those involved to get a “perfect ” match.  Fortunately their are very skilled lab technicians out there that are capable of […]

Procedure of Composite Veneers


Steps involved in mastering a cosmetic composite veneers Steps 1 Lingual shell made Without lingual shell using mylar strip etch and bond Lingual shell back and achromatic enamel lingual shell Chromatic dentin layer Possibly a chromatic enamel layer used here Achromatic enamel layer Pencil lines for line angles. Peyton has nice article for shaping at […]

Why Composite Veneers?


Composite veneers Ceramic or porcelain veneers are what people are usually talking about when they say they got veneers or when someone famous gets veneers.  However, there is a an alternative…composite veneers.  The difference is what the veneer is made of and how we make it. There are several circumstances in which composite is a […]

Information for patients


How long will it last? With DURAthin you and your patients can enjoy the industry’s longest warranty on any minimal to no prep veneer! What is it going to look like? The results are nothing short of overwhelming.  DURAthin Veneers are astounding the world’s most prestigious critics as they allow the patients natural tooth structure […]



Glycerine like De-Ox Ultradent and Liquid Lens from Danville when bond “I use a 15 micron flame tip diamond with lots of water and a very light light touch. I go back and polish with DiaShine in Ivoclar’s cup brushes from their OptraFine kit, a soft bristled cup brush.  Slow RPMs with heavier pressure first […]