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Resonance Frequency Analysis

wheaton dental implant

Resonance Frequency Analysis Resonance Frequency Analysis or RFA is used to test the stability of a dental implant.  This non-invasive test is based on lateral forces being applied to a dental implant with a vibrating transducer.  It has been asserted that RFA corresponds to micro-motion of dental implants.   Unfortunately, implant length and macro-design impact […]

Dental implant survival rate definition success rate definition


Dental implant survival rate definition and dental implant success rate definition The definition of implant survival rate is the number of implants in place over the number of dental implants that were placed.  As long as they are still in place they are considered to be surviving. The definition of implant success rate varies.  One […]

Flying after dental implant surgery

flying after dental implant surgery

Flying after dental implant surgery?  What are the rules? Flying after dental implant surgery is a concern for anyone that has recently had a dental implant placed and needs to get somewhere for work or pleasure.  We will discuss guidelines that  are recommendations for pilots and air crew.  Therefore the rules are likely more strict […]

Dental implant problems

dental implant problems

What are some common dental implant problems? Loose dental implant abutment screw This one is a fairly easy fix unless in the front of the mouth and access to the screw is not straight forward.  The hard part is figuring out why the screw is loose.  Most often it is a lateral excessive contact.  The […]

Cement sepsis

cement sepsis on abutment

Cement sepsis – What is it? Cement sepsis is an infection and inflammation caused by dental cement being left around the crown abutment margin.  The body doesn’t like the rough surface as it harbors bacteria.  Since the body can not expel it, bone resorbs as an attempt to get away.  Left untreated it can cause […]

Bone formation around dental implants

bone formation around dental implant

What is the process of bone formation around dental implants? Just so anyone reading this is aware, this is a reference for myself.  It will therefore contain technical and scientific terms regarding bone formation around dental implants.  If you are interested in more general information about dental implants check the link.   Major cell types […]

Screw retain versus cement retain?

wheaton dentists

Should you screw retain or cement retain your dental implant crown? Results systemic review JPD 2016 Lemos Cement retained have less bone loss Cement retained have fewer prosthetic complications Cement retained have more favorable survival rates   Not what I would have expected. Wonder how a screwmentable crown would do?  By that I mean one […]

Implant placement on a slope

pilot drill initial position

Placing dental implant into bone with a slope Great video showing why bone osteotomy will move towards lower end of slope.  Useful in anterior immediates as well as sloped bone anywhere. Start video at 7:20 to see counter sink method for posterior teeth Drill pilot hole Counter sink large round 4mm bur with highspeed Finish […]