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Abutment fracture

zirconia fragment tool

The abutment of either a titanium or zirconia can fracture Dental implant abutment fractures can happen. There is certain situations that are more common. Zirconia dental implant abutments are far more likely to fracture Dentaltown thread on when a zirconia abutment breaks JPD study from 2017 from Saponaro showing the novel use of a plastic […]

Healing abutment stuck

Healing abutment stuck

How to safely remove a stuck healing abutment A stuck healing abutment can be a little intimidating, especially the first few times you run into one. Often you are nervous you will torque the implant out. If that does happen with a stuck healing cap then the implant was not going to be successful anyway, […]

Dental implant failure

dental implant failure due to anterior cantilever

Common reasons for dental implant failure Dental implant failures can broadly be put into 3 categories; poor planning or execution by the doctor, mechanical failure, and host failure. Often there is a mixture of these reasons. Poor planning or execution by the doctor is the number one reason for a short term failure. Although we […]

Retrograde peri-implantitis

retrograde peri-implantitis dental implant

Retrograde peri-implantitis of dental implants Retrograde peri-implantitis, or implant periapical lesion, is a radiolucent lesion at the apical portion of a dental implant. Typically one will develop in the first few months post insertion. What is the cause of retrograde peri-implantitis? The cause is bone death and or infection and is multi-factorial. We believe this is […]

Dental implant checklist

dental implant checklist

Dental implant checklist and other dental procedural checklists Dental implant checklists are an important step to help ensure simple mistakes are made less frequently. Many of the small mistakes that can occur in the dental field are far from life threatening, but we need to take our our profession seriously. Why the need for an […]

Flowered dental implant

flowered dental implant

Do you have a flowered dental implant? Flowered dental implant, huh? Well that sucks. Time to remove it as that is a big dental implant problem. What is a flowered dental implant? A dental implant that has flowered is one in which the top portion broke and opened up more the same way a flower […]

Single implant two teeth

single implant two teeth

A single implant for two teeth? Single implant with two teeth on top is an option in some areas of the mouth. Usually we reserve this option for the anterior where the forces are lower. The single dental implant is often a choice in these areas due to the small mesial distal area available. Where […]

Dental implant removal code

Dental code for implant removal

Dental implant removal code and dental implant removal cost Dental implant removal code and dental implant removal cost tend to be something that dentists search for so my if you are not a dentist jump down to the bottom and read on the dental implant removal cost. What is the dental implant removal code? The […]

My dental implant fell out

dental implant fell out

My dental implant fell out! My dental implant fell out is something we hear from time to time from a patient after we put in a dental implant. Almost always that is not exactly the case. My dental implant fell out! Typically when a patient calls to tell us this, something other than the dental […]

Too young for dental implants

Oral Surgeon Wheaton

What is too young for dental implants? Too young for dental implants? What are the age limitations for dental implants? Who is too young for dental implants? This is a question we sometimes hear from patient’s parents and the answer is it depends! The short version is we can place the dental implant when the […]