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Dental implant removal code

mini Dental implant removal code

Dental implant removal code and dental implant removal cost Dental implant removal code and dental implant removal cost tend to be something that dentists search for so my if you are not a dentist jump down to the bottom and read on the dental implant removal cost. What is the dental implant removal code? The […]

My dental implant fell out

dental implant fell out

My dental implant fell out! My dental implant fell out is something we hear from time to time from a patient after we put in a dental implant. Almost always that is not exactly the case. My dental implant fell out! Typically when a patient calls to tell us this, something other than the dental […]

Socket Shield

socket shield

Socket shield dental implant treatment Socket shield is a technique for placing dental implants that is thought to possibly save facial or buccal bone by maintaining the PDL and it’s corresponding blood supply. The root fragment can be on the buccal, interproximal, or the entire circumferential coronal aspect of the tooth socket. Socket shield technique […]

Biohorizons PEEK abutment seated

Image of a Biohorizons PEEK contour healer

Looking to see if your Biohorizons PEEK temporary abutment is seated on your x-ray? Is your Biohorizons PEEK abutment seated? Biohorizons PEEK temporary abutment is radiolucent thus it does not show on you x-ray.  This makes it tough to know if it is fully down. Unfortunately, there is no website in existence like What Implant […]

Advantages of Dental Implants

Advantages of dental implants.

Advantages of Dental Implants Advantages of dental implants are fairly well known to dentists but the average patient may not know them. If you lost a tooth years ago, that tooth likely has a bridge or denture. Today, there are other options you can pursue and one of those options, is dental implants. Dental implants […]

All on 4 Vs Dentures

All on 4 Vs Dentures

All on 4 Vs Dentures All on 4 vs dentures is a question we here often. The all on 4 (AO4) is the trademark dentists give to dentures that attach permanently to your jaw by four implants. Dentists often use the same  acrylic, the same as traditional dentures. All on 4 consists of a denture […]

Board certified implant dentist

Board certified implant dentist

What is a board certified implant dentist? Board certified implant dentist is something that several of the major dental implant organizations have been working towards for decades. I feel the ADA should have addressed this years ago but water under the bridge now. Letter from AAID explaining how this came to be. AAID Board Certification […]

Zirconia dental implants

zirconia dental implant abutment

What are zirconia dental implants? Zirconia dental implants are similar to titanium dental implants except they are made from a zirconia ceramic instead of a titanium alloy. Who can get zirconia dental implants? Well anyone can get a zirconia dental implant but the real question is who should get a zirconia dental implant.  The answer […]

Resonance Frequency Analysis

wheaton dental implant

Resonance Frequency Analysis Resonance Frequency Analysis or RFA is used to test the stability of a dental implant.  This non-invasive test is based on lateral forces being applied to a dental implant with a vibrating transducer.  It has been asserted that RFA corresponds to micro-motion of dental implants.   Unfortunately, implant length and macro-design impact […]