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Canalis sinuosus

canalis sinuosus

What is the canalis sinuosus and do we need to worry about it? Canalis sinuosus is a branch of the infraorbital canal with a very high degree of variation. It is a neurovascular canal through which the anterior superior alveolar nerve passes through. It typically reaches the the premaxilla in the canine and incisor region, […]

Implant abutment connection types

Implant abutment connection types

What are the different implant abutment connection types? Implant abutment connection types are primarily 3 categories. What are the different types of implant abutment connections available? External hex, internal hex, and tissue level are the three main groups that you can place connection types into. There is also unique connection types that are not as […]

Dental implant tight space

implant in narrow space missing lateral

Dental Implant in Tight Space: How to Make it Work Dental implants are a popular solution for people who have lost one or more teeth. They are a permanent replacement that can look and function like natural teeth. However, when it comes to dental implants in tight spaces, it can be a challenge to find […]

Sheffield screw test

Dr. Bauers family and general dentist

Want to know more about the Sheffield screw test for dental implant prosthesis? Sheffield screw test is a one screw test that dentists use to check the passivity fit of a dental prosthesis. Typically this is an all on 4 or all on x prosthesis. It is a very common technique in implant dentistry. When […]

Implant drilling

technique for dental implant drilling

What is the ideal dental implant drilling technique? Dental implant drilling techniques vary from system to system. So what is the ideal form one implant may not be ideal for another. Furthermore bone density plays a role in dermingin ideal implant drilling technique too. However, there are some general guidelines that are useful. Forward drilling […]

Ti base implant abutment

broken crown

Issues with the ti base implant abutment Ti base implant abutments are great in the right case when we use the right size and we use proper bonding protocols. What are some of the issues with ti bases? They can come apart. That is the biggest issue by far. Whether they break or the cement […]

Rosen, Vortex, and powerball screws on MUA

rosen screws

What are Rosen, Vortex, and Powerball screws? Direct to MUA screws, like Rosen screws and Powerball screws, allow direct to MUA connection without the titanium base (titanium chimney). These screws ideally allow for the elimination of the titanium base or titanium chimney in an all on x prosthesis. Why direct to MUA? The argument for […]

Short dental implants

short dental implants

What is the current thinking on short dental implant? Short dental implants will continue to grow in popularity as they offer a lot of advantages. Where and when we can use them effectively will continue to be an issue that we research. Short dental implant research Short dental implants are a suitable alternative.  Tong IJOMI […]