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Canalis sinuosus

canalis sinuosus

What is the canalis sinuosus and do we need to worry about it? Canalis sinuosus is a branch of the infraorbital canal with a very high degree of variation. It is a neurovascular canal through which the anterior superior alveolar nerve passes through. It typically reaches the the premaxilla in the canine and incisor region, […]

Implant abutment connection types

Implant abutment connection types

What are the different implant abutment connection types? Implant abutment connection types are primarily 3 categories. What are the different types of implant abutment connections available? External hex, internal hex, and tissue level are the three main groups that you can place connection types into. There is also unique connection types that are not as […]

Hollow jaw

hollow jaw dental implant

Dental implant dropped into a hollow jaw space! Hollow jaw space is a term we use to describe an area of very low bone dentistry or no bone that is most often in the lower jawbone. What is a hollow jaw bone? Basically a hollow jaw is an area that is deficient in bone dentistry. […]

Implant drilling

dental implant drilling technique

What is the ideal dental implant drilling technique? Dental implant drilling techniques vary from system to system. So what is the ideal form one implant may not be ideal for another. Furthermore bone density plays a role in dermingin ideal implant drilling technique too. However, there are some general guidelines that are useful. Forward drilling […]

Implant seating jig

Implant seating jig

How do you make an implant seating jig? Implant seating jigs are very useful for dentists to help them more quickly seat an implant case. What is an implant seating jig? An implant seating jig is an acrylic (typically) sleeve that wraps around the custom implant abutment and the teeth in the area. It allows […]

Short dental implants

short dental implants

What is the current thinking on short dental implant? Short dental implants will continue to grow in popularity as they offer a lot of advantages. Where and when we can use them effectively will continue to be an issue that we research. Short dental implant research Short dental implants are a suitable alternative.  Tong IJOMI […]

Implant drill speed

dental Implant drill speed

What dental implant drill speed is ideal? What are the benefits of different drill speeds? Dental implant drill speed is something that has a decent amount of research on it but the topic is still controversial. We feel the main reasons are that there are other factors that come into play and probably play a […]

Abutment fracture

zirconia fragment tool

The abutment of either a titanium or zirconia can fracture Dental implant abutment fractures can happen. There is certain situations that are more common. Zirconia dental implant abutments are far more likely to fracture Dentaltown thread on when a zirconia abutment breaks JPD study from 2017 from Saponaro showing the novel use of a plastic […]

Healing abutment stuck

Healing abutment stuck

How to safely remove a stuck healing abutment A stuck healing abutment can be a little intimidating, especially the first few times you run into one. Often you are nervous you will torque the implant out. If that does happen with a stuck healing cap then the implant was not going to be successful anyway, […]

Dental implant failure

dental implant failure due to anterior cantilever

Common reasons for dental implant failure Dental implant failures can broadly be put into 3 categories; poor planning or execution by the doctor, mechanical failure, and host failure. Often there is a mixture of these reasons. Poor planning or execution by the doctor is the number one reason for a short term failure. Although we […]