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Bone formation around dental implants

bone formation around dental implant

What is the process of bone formation around dental implants? Just so anyone reading this is aware, this is a reference for myself.  It will therefore contain technical and scientific terms regarding bone formation around dental implants.  If you are interested in more general information about dental implants check the link.   Major cell types […]

Dome barrier – Guided bone regeneration

dome barrier

Resorbable dome barrier A tenting technique using resorbable pieces of suture material and a membrane to tent the soft tissue and allow the bone to form under. Dt thread here Corticate Drill 4-5mm holes for suture Cut lengths of suture and place in holes Pack bone under Collagen membrane Suture materiel used Parma-Benfenati 2014 Int […]

Dental Implant Nerve Damage – Classify and treatment

nerve injury fix

Dental Implant Nerve Damage During surgery Dental Implant Nerve Damage is a known risk for dental implant surgery. If known traction or compression then remove implant and inject 2ml Dexamethasone (4mg/ml). Remove implant or place shorter implant Dental Implant Nerve Damage After surgery Refer microneurosurgeon immediate if implant transected nerve and  in 2-6 months if […]

Bone graft using PRF for dental implants

Wrinkle and pain elmination

PRF and Botox and Dermal fillers Dr. Bauer attended the AGD course on oral medicine where was able to get more hands on experience with PRF for bone grafting and dental implants.  This was similar to his training taken at the Pikos Institute.  He also was able to use Dysport for wrinkle elimination and muscle […]

Dental bone graft code CDT

bone graft code

Dental Bone Graft Codes (CDT Codes) Bone Graft Code for Periodontal Defects D3428 / D3429 Bone graft in conjunction with periradicular surgery D4263 / D4264, Bone Replacement Graft. CDT descriptor: “This procedure involves the use of osseous autografts, osseous allografts, or non-osseous grafts to stimulate periodontal regeneration when the disease process has led to a […]

Box technique sonic weld PDLLA


This is a revolutionary new method of grafting and I am not sure of who in US is using.  It basically consists of building a resorbable wall or box, placing bone graft and pericardium membrane, and suturing closed.  It uses poly D,L-lactide acid (PDLLA) mesh plates by KLS Martin Tuttlingen, Germany and PDLLA pins with […]

Block Allograft


Block graft can be done by trimming block to fit area roughly or milled as below and  3D-Blocks by Botiss Biomaterials Maxgraft bonebuilder by Botiss  Jacotti 2014 OR Can more non-invasive by tunneling  waited 9 months here Rapid Prototype method 1    2 CBCT RP service bureau processes data (Delta Prototipi, Milan, IT) Auotclavable nylon polyamide […]

Socket preservation


Socket preservation Socket preservation techniques depend on both the severity of the graft site and the host response.  If there is no bone destruction a membrane alone will often be suffice.  If there is any bone destruction then FDBA and membrane use is recommended.  Post surgical care requires CHX rinse twice daily for 2 weeks […]

Ridge Expansion


Ridge Expansion (ridge split) BTI Ultrasonic General rules Ab 1 hour prior and 1 week CHX before and 1 week Max more likely single stage and mand more likely 2 stage (less than 5mm width do this or GBR) 3-5mm ideal but some can do 2mm Single stage ridge expansion Max (less than 4 teeth)  […]

Sinus lift


Code 7951 lateral 7952 vertical Technique. to add 2-3mm 4mm max (Bill’s thoughts) more go lateral Need a graft at all?  Maybe not check references 8-13  Rajkumar 2013 Follow these 3 rules create = success rates older study. I think all 3 are too conservative now If 6mm or more of bone go crestal and […]