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Bone graft using PRF for dental implants

Wrinkle and pain elmination

PRF and Botox and Dermal fillers Dr. Bauer attended the AGD course on oral medicine where was able to get more hands on experience with PRF for bone grafting and dental implants.  This was similar to his training taken at the Pikos Institute.  He also was able to use Dysport for wrinkle elimination and muscle […]

Dental clotting agents

dental clotting agents

Dental clotting agent and/or weak membranes Dental clotting agents can also be thought of as weak membranes. I have found Hemcon can handle the worst but is also the strongest so typically hat is my last line of defense. Typically I will use a collagen product or ActCel for bleeding. Dental clotting agents by name […]

Dental membranes

dental membrane mucograft

Lists and uses of different kinds of dental membranes Dental membranes have many uses in our field and the variety of types can be overwhelming. Why use a dental membrane? There are many types of membranes that we use in many different ways.  Different doctors have different preferences and that is typically why one gets […]