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Bone graft using PRF for dental implants

Wrinkle and pain elmination

PRF and Botox and Dermal fillers Dr. Bauer attended the AGD course on oral medicine where was able to get more hands on experience with PRF for bone grafting and dental implants.  This was similar to his training taken at the Pikos Institute.  He also was able to use Dysport for wrinkle elimination and muscle […]

Dental Membrane use

Why dental membrane? There are many types of membranes that are used in many different ways.  Different doctors have different preferences and that is typically why one is used over the other. Need them to help contain graft material and maybe all that is needed to exclude the soft tissue and let bone form in […]

Metal and Screws – Dental membranes

Dr. Bauers family and the pediatric dentist

Dental membranes Dentoalveolar Bone Fixation System by Synthes Dento – Ti mesh with fixation screws  Stryker by Medpor – Ti with polyethylene mesh Cytoplast Ti reinforced – Although primary closure in ridge augmentation procedures is recommended, Cytoplast® Ti-250 membranes incorporate a high-density PTFE base that is engineered to withstand exposure as long as soft tissue […]

Collagen Plug

Dr. Bauers family and the pediatric dentist

Collagen Plug OraPlug by Salvin- collagen absorbs in 10-14 days Foundation by JMorita- collagen based Zimmer products all 10-14 days CollaCote by Zimmer – Palatal donor sites and Mucosal flaps CollaPlug by Zimmer – Biopsy sites and Extraction sites CollaTape by Zimmer – Closure of grafted sites, Repair of Schneiderian Membranes and Minor oral wounds […]

Allograft dental membrane

Dr. Bauers family and the pediatric dentist

Allograft dental membrane Alloderm by Biohorizons – regenerative tissue matrix Perioderm  by Dentsply – acellular dermal allograft that is derived from donated human skin Puros Dermis by Zimmer – assume same above Puros Pericardium by Zimmer – allograft BioXclude by Snoasis – allograft amnion and chorion tissue

Collagen membrane

Dr. Bauers family and the pediatric dentist

Collagen membrane Biomend and Biomend Extended by Zimmer – purest bovine Type 1 collagen CurV Presahped Collagen Membrane by Zimmer –  type 1 collagen derived from bovine Achilles tendon Socket Repair Membrane by Zimmer – Type I Collagen Bio-Gide by Geistlich – bilayer pure collagen membrane composed of both a smooth and rough layer. The […]