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Surgical flap for a dental implant

dental implants

Surgical flap options for dental implants Surgical flaps around dental implants are important if you hope to maintain natural looking tissue and papilla. The modified dental implant surgical flap. This flap can help form form a papilla between two dental implants. Side by side implant uncovering The esthetic buccal flap or aesthetic buccal flap for […]

Implant showing

dental implant showing at gumline

A dental implant showing can be an esthetic or biological issue or both. Dental implants that are above the gumline and you can see are an issue. If the threads are exposed it will be difficult to clean and cause biological issues. If you can see the metal it will cause an esthetic issue. How […]

(Immediate) Temporize Dental Implant


Screw retained Immediate implant temporary Fully digital Lab fabricates temporary crown with seating wings and hollow center Temp abutment is seated and temp crown is tried on offer it to check for full seating Once confirmed temp crown is luted to temp abutment intro-orally. Entire screw retained temp is now removed, refined, and polished. Dentistry […]

Emergence Profile


Proper emergence profile fabrication steps Getting a proper emergence profile is a combination of proper implant depth and proper temporary shape placement at the proper time. It is much easier to maintain a nice emergence profile from an immediate extraction and placement rather than to rebuild one. What a proper emergence profile looks like. A […]