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Closing black triangles teeth after braces

Closing black triangles teeth after braces

Closing black triangles between your teeth after braces Closing black triangles between your teeth after braces is easy with Bioclear! After receiving orthodontic treatment you may notice spaces in between your teeth that resemble a black triangle. Referred to as gingival embrasures, these spaces can result in cosmetic and dental hygiene issues. There are many […]

Veneers for receding gums

dental veneers for receding gums before and after replacement veneers of tetracycline stain

Replacement of old porcelain veneers with new dental veneers for receding gums Dental veneers for receding gums is a great way to fix your smile. There are other ways to treat receding gums like a tunnel graft but if you are looking for new smile veneers is the way to go. Sara is the case […]

Conus overdenture changed to fixed prosthesis

conus removable overdenture changed to fixed dental implant prosthesis

Changing a removable conus overdenture to a fixed implant supported prosthesis Changing a removable Conus overdenture to fixed teeth is something we can do. Most people prefer teeth that are fixed solid into place over teeth that they can remove. Even if the teeth are secure in place as with an Atlantis conus implant overdenture, […]

Front tooth longer

front tooth longer than the other

Is your front tooth longer than the other front tooth? One front tooth being longer than the other is something that we see on occasion. Most of the time the amount of difference is negligible and no one really notices. However, there are cases where the front tooth is much longer and is very noticeable […]

Tetracycline teeth staining

tetracycline teeth treatment

Tetracycline teeth staining treatment options Tetracycline teeth staining occurs from taking tetracycline medication when the teeth are forming, before they erupt into the mouth. This occurs during childhood but some staining will occur in teenagers as a black band on wisdom teeth roots. What are your treatment options for tetracycline staining on permanent teeth? You […]

Yellow spot on tooth

yellow spot on tooth

Do you have a yellow spot on your tooth? A yellow spot on your tooth is definitely something that a dentist can fix for you. What is the yellow spot? If it has always been there then there is a good chance it is enamel hypominerlization. However, if the yellow stain is newer than it […]

All on x implant denture

All on x one year later

What is an all on x implant denture vs. all on x implant bridge? All on x implant denture or all on x implant bridge are similar terms that we use to describe a prosthesis that patients wear to replace an entire jaw of missing teeth. The prosthesis stays in at all times, only the […]

All on 6 zirconia teeth

all on 6 natural teeth full smile

All on 6 with zirconia and nanohybrid composite teeth All on 6 zirconia teeth and composite teeth dental implant prosthesis can have any number of variations. This is case were we have zirconia teeth and nanohybrid teeth on a titanium framework. Natural looking all on 6 on top and all on 5 on bottom Steve […]

Chipped front tooth filling

Chipped front tooth filling

Do you have a chipped front tooth filling? Chipped front tooth filling that you want us to fix? No problem! Emily’s chipped front tooth filling story Whether you have chipped your front tooth or broken a front tooth filling, Dr. Bauer can easily restore the look of the tooth! Emily had come in with her […]

Money Saving Solution to a Dental Implant

cheap alternative to dental implant

Looking to fix a broken tooth that “needs” a dental implant but not wanting to spend the money? Here’s a great, cost savvy solution! Elizabeth came into the office with a fractured front tooth. After falling ice skating, her tooth had broken at the gum line. After consulting with a few dentists about options and […]