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Halitosis – Bad breath

oral malodor

Background info on bad breath Around 25% of the population suffers from chronic halitosis and the percentage is higher in older individuals than younger ones.  Halitosis, or bad breath, most often starts in the mouth (85%).   Gingivitis and periodontitis are the main causes of the problem.25  Poor oral hygiene allows food particles to collect […]

Filling fell out of tooth

filling fell out

Filling fell out of tooth? Filling fell out of tooth and need some answers? Don’t worry, this is likely not an emergency!  Even though the hole may feel huge, a dentist can almost always repair it.  The most common cause of a filling falling out is decay.  We dental professionals miss these areas of decay […]

Impacted canine tooth for braces – Wheaton orthodontist and dentist

wheaton orthodontics

Impacted canine tooth There are a few major types of cases that are experienced when a tooth is not erupting.  The impacted canine tooth surgery steps are different based on the severity of bone and tissue coverage. Tooth is almost erupted and just covered by tissue.  As long as these cases have plenty of keratinized […]