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5 Braces-Friendly Foods Approved By Your Orthodontist In Wheaton

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5 Braces-Friendly Foods Approved By Your Orthodontist In Wheaton Your Wheaton orthodontist knows how difficult it is to forgo all the snacks you’re used to eating when you have braces. Whether you’re an adolescent patient or an adult patient, foods like popcorn, gum, granola, pizza crust, and almonds are all off limits. While you’re wearing […]

Nickel allergy or nickel sensitivity in dentistry and orthodontics – Wheaton orthodontist

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Collection of studies and information about nickel allergy or nickel sensitivity in the dental field Orthodontics Nickel titanium wires are often used for orthodontics. Nickel ion release is higher when a cell phone is used a lot.  The saliva concentration of nickel in patients with nickel titanium wires or other orthodontic appliances containing nickel is […]

Impacted canine tooth

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Impacted canine tooth exposure for orthodontics Impacted canine tooth exposure is a common issue, occurring in up to 2.8% of canines, that we need to address during orthodontic treatment. What are the different severities in canine impaction? There are a few major types of situations that we see when a canine is not erupting.  The […]

Anterior open bite

Photos of an example of an anterior open bite

AOB or anterior open bite treatment options Anterior open bite treatment options can be confusing, difficult and the problem can relapse. Anterior open bite causes Typically the cases are multi-factorial involving both hereditary and environmental factors. The causes break down into skeletal and dental problems. AOB treatment options There are several options to fix an […]

Allergies and impact on occlusion

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Allergic rhinitis and occlusal issues Chronic mouth breathing in youth will cause permanent changes in facial bone structure as the body adapts to this breathing habit.  Children with allergies often are congested and forced to breathe through their mouths more.  A new study found several interesting changes due to allergies and the resulting mouth breathing […]

3D printed braces

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This year 3D printed anything is all the rage.  One product you almost certainly have heard about but but didn’t know was 3D printed is Invisalign.  3d printers were among the hottest new products at CES this year.  To check out the others click here.  Check out these 3D printed braces!  And with a wheaton […]

White spot

white spot lesions

Do you have white spots on your teeth? White spots on your teeth? Do your teeth look like one of the pictures below?   These are called white spot lesions and are common after traditional braces.  Like most things prevention is key, but since you are reading this you likely already have them.  If you are […]

Canine substitution vs implant

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Canine substitution vs implant vs Maryland bridge Canine substitution vs implant is a debate many orthodontists have internally with cases of missing laterals. Another solution is also the Maryland bridge, although many consider this more of a long term temporary solution.   When deciding between canine substitution and dental implants what should you consider? When […]

What does a top Wheaton orthodontist and a top Glen Ellyn oral surgeon have in common?


Recognize the CDS Senior Student Dental Student Award winners from 2007 in the upper right hand corner?   This award goes to the students who graduate at the top of their classes for both Southern Dental School and the University of Illinois Dental School.  It just so happens that our area is blessed to have both […]