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Wheaton cosmetic dentist – Cosmetic dentistry

As a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Bryan Bauer has been specially trained to provide you with the utmost esthetic results possible with your porcelain veneers/crowns or composite work.  The AACD is the largest and most respected cosmetic dentistry organization in the world.  Below are a few samples taken from our cosmetic before and after blog feed.

cosmetic dentistry

Minimal prep dental veneers with a very natural look – Wheaton cosmetic dentistry

cosmetic dentistry wheaton

White porcelain veneers – Cosmetic dentistry

cosmetic dentistry

A little composite work – Wheaton cosmetic dentistry


 Want a cosmetic dentist? Why choose us?

Why choose us as your Wheaton cosmetic dentist office?  Well take a look at our answer!

  • Quality – Seeing is believing and you should request to see cases like yours whenever considering elective cosmetic work.  Check out our before and after photos and read Dr. Bryan’s bio.  Our results are beautiful because we use excellent dental labs and Dr. Bauer has a fantastic artist eye.  In our office, esthetic work is completed by nationally recognized laboratory technicians that are true artists!
  • Top labs – The right cosmetic dentist is very important because they must find the best lab technician to build your beautiful smile.  Let’s face it, the most important artist in veneer dentistry is the person making your veneers. The cosmetic dentist is preparing the canvas and then judging that the art being created is to his/her level of esthetics. We use some of the top lab technicians in the world for our veneer cases and the difference really shows in our patients smiles!
  • Multiple Doctors – Cosmetic work is often a fairly large investment of time and money.  All larger cases are discussed with our doctors to ensure the best plan for you and your budget is being implemented.  Dr. Bauer does our cosmetic work, but consults with our other dentists and in particular, Dr. Danielle.  Dr. Danielle is our Wheaton orthodontist, who’s entire career revolves around making teeth straight and aligned.  This collaboration between specialties ensures multiple view points are being considered.
  • Up front fees and Great value – Our fees reflect those found on This is a consumer advocacy website that tells patients what they can expect to pay for any given procedure in their zip code.
  • Customized treatment – At our office, we treat you as an individual not just another number.  Then are several versions of trail smiles that may be required to ensure that you are going to be happy with the end result.  These steps can be viewed in our dental veneers section.
  • Technology – Technology makes our work better and easier to deliver predictable consistent results.  We have all the technology that any modern dental office could want. We have lasers, 3D CBCT imaging, 3D printing, intraoral scanner for impressions, and CAD-CAM designed dental work.  We also have automated appointment system if you desire, intra-oral cameras, TVs with headphones directly above the dental chairs, and more.
  • Customer service – No one in our community has more 5 star google, yelp, and facebook reviews than we do.  If you live in the area there is a good chance someone you know has given us a 5 star review (facebook can help with that).

If you are looking for a Wheaton cosmetic dentist or a Wheaton orthodontist, we would love to have you come visit us! We offer a complimentary first visit with the dentist, if desired.  This allows you a chance to view our office and meet the staff to see if we are the right dental office for you.

Still thinking about cosmetic dentistry but unsure?

Check out our other video on cosmetic dentistry and whether or not it is the right choice for you!  It has some very informative tips from choosing the right doctor to designing your smile.

In our office you will have three opportunities to verify your smile is being designed the way you want it before it is finally delivered.  We can assure you that we are WAY more picky than you could ever be.  As an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry member Dr. Bauer is capable of picking up small issues that the lay person doesn’t notice.  It is usually these small issues that really take a good smile to a fantastic smile.