Sick of your partial of full denture?  Well, Dump the Denture!

Whether you have a full denture or a partial denture you are probably sick of having teeth that move when you eat, laugh, or talk.  Having to go to bathrooms at restaurants to clean out your denture or having it move or fall out when chatting with friends is annoying and embarrassing.  There is hope!  Dump the Denture and get some dental implants that will secure your teeth in place!  Dr. Bryan can both place your dental implants and restore them with either crowns, denture, or overdentures.  Our office can handle all of your dental needs and concerns at the same location!

There are so many options available to you today with dental implants that can vastly increase your quality of life.  You can have a full set of replacement teeth that are possibly better than anything you ever had before.  We offer complete mouth replacement with full-arch implant supported bridge, all-on-4, teeth in a day, and overdentures (dentures that attach to implants).

What are the options to Dump the Denture?

There are three main options when we are talking about dumping a denture.

Option #1 The best option is the implant supported bridge.  This is very similar to dental crown and bridge work that you have had before but is attached to dental implants.


Option #2 The second best option is an all on 4 type restoration or implant supported overdenture.  These can sometimes be removed by you for cleaning, but are very solid.

dump the denture

Option #3 The last option is an implant retained overdenture.  This supplies you with dental implants that your denture snaps onto.


How much does it cost to Dump the Denture?

That depends on how much you wish to accomplish but for under $5,000 we can turn a lower denture into a very secure overdenture.  Approximate costs for you different options of full mouth implant rehabilitation, all on 4, and over dentures can be found on our Implant Supported Denture Hybrid Denture – All on 4 (All on four) thread.  Financing is available and there is also discounts to those that choose to pay in full instead of taking the financing.  To link to the thread with pricing for the different options click here.  All of our fees are based on the consumer advocacy site, so you know you are getting a fair price on our dental work.


What are the steps to Dump the Denture?

The first step is to meet Dr. Bryan for a complimentary consult to review your options.  This exam will consist of a conversation to figure out what you are interested in having done and the fees for such a procedure.  A 3 dimensional CBCT x-ray will be taken as part of this complimentary exam.  This will allow us to see the condition of your bone and decide where exactly to place your implants.