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Below is a listing of our current reviews. Our google dentist reviews page can be see here.  Facebook is great for reviews because you can see who the reviewer.  It also allows you to search for friends that left us a 5 star review.  Overall you will see that most of our patients give us a 5 star review, but we feel what they say is far more important.

dentist reviews

Our thoughts on dentist reviews

Dental reviews and orthodontic reviews are important because you can get a decent idea about what other individuals in your community are experiencing.  We believe that the facebook reviews are the most important as they allow you to see who the reviewer is.  You are not the same as EVERY other person in the community, but you are similar to some people.  How can you trust someone’s advice that you know nothing about other than a username?  What makes facebook great is you can see the reviewer and see their real name.  You can often see many of their photos and get a good sense of who that person is.  Of course it is also very easy to see if any of your “friends” have given a dental review as well.

Yelp reviews are nice if the reviewer has a lot of reviews because you can see what they are like to some extent.  Unfortunately, yelp hides many reviews based on their algorithm.  Finally, google reviews are fine but rarely do the google reviewers give much information about who they are.  Some have more information than you could find on Facebook or yelp but overall most people have nothing.  In conclusion, it is important to “rate” the rater and the more information you can get about the reviewer the better.