Full Dentures

Dentures are a last resort for those that are at the end of their dental road. If you are considering a full denture you are likely already missing some teeth and probably have others that are not in great shape.  We would always prefer to save teeth if possible for several reasons. One being that dentures are not a replacement for teeth they are a replacement for no teeth! That is a nice way of saying they are not as nice as keeping your own teeth if at all possible. They are also not as nice as an implant supported denture.

Full Dentures in Wheaton, IL

A full denture is a removable prosthesis for individuals with no remaining teeth on either the upper or lower jaw.  If you have no remaining teeth or not enough remaining solid teeth for a partial then a full denture may be your best option.  A full denture replaces all of your teeth that have been lost and all of the soft tissue and bone that gets resorbed when you lose teeth.  A full denture is made from an acrylic base and has acrylic teeth.

Upper jaw full dentures are a fine way to replace missing teeth.  Lower jaw full dentures, on the other hand, often have significant problems and people with lower ones typically have trouble adjusting to them without some type of extra support.  We do not recommend a lower denture without some type of implants placed to help stabilize it.  The standard of care for over a decade has been to place two implants on the lower jaw to help support it.  Source

full dentures cost

Full dentures cost in Wheaton, IL

Dentures cost around $2,000 per jaw.  A little more for a lower jaw and a little more if you are getting an immediate denture. An immediate denture is one that we place in the same day that we remove the teeth. This is ideal for an esthetic standpoint but there is always some misfit that requires us to later reline the inside of the denture so the fit is better.

Maintenance costs of full dentures

Dentures need to be relined as you will continue to lose bone under the denture.  If you have an immediate denture made you will need this within the first 6 months.  Ideally you will have this done every 5 years but people rarely do.  This usually costs around $300 or $400.

Dentures break.  The repair for for this will be in the range of a few hundred dollars.  Denture teeth can break off and the cost to repair is also a few hundred dollars.

Denture teeth wear down.  If the teeth wear down you can replace them, however it’s cheaper to make you a new denture.