Laser Dentistry

What is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry can have several different meanings that describe both the type of laser used and the procedure the laser is being used to treat. Traditionally lasers have been confined to mostly soft tissue use and very limited ability to cut hard tissue like tooth and bone. This has changed to some degree with a newer CO2 laser, but is still slower and few will still be offering due to high cost.  We have purchased the Solea hard CO2 laser and are using it for a variety of functions.

In our office laser dentistry has many applications.

  • Venous lake removal
  • Frenectomy
  • Tooth exposure for orthodontics
  • Lesion removal
  • Gingivectomy both cosmetic and for restorative reasons
  • Cold sore treatments and apthous ulcers treatments
  • Dental fillings without getting an injection or using the dental drill
  • Closed flap bone removal
  • Crown lengthening

Venous lake removal with laser

Venous lake removal is one of our more popular uses for our dental laser. Venous lake laser treatment is covered in much more detail in the link.

Laser frenectomy

A dental laser is a great tool to use for the removal of frenums when needed. The removal of tissue with minimal bleeding and with less pain after are the primary benefits of using a laser over a scalpel.

laser frenectomy before and after laser frenectomy orthodotnics

Tooth laser exposure for orthodontics

It is fairly common for a tooth to be stuck behind other teeth or too much bone and tissue and not be able to erupt properly without surgical intervention. A laser can often be used to access such teeth.

orthodontic laser tooth exposure

Many cases are a little too graphic too show and require more than just the laser but this case was minor and only a laser was used.

Lesion removal with dental laser

Rather than using a scalpel to remove a lesion a laser has several added benefits. It cauterizes as it cuts resulting in less bleeding for during the surgery and after. It also is less painful afterwords as it stimulates the nerve endings.

lip fibroma removal

What a lesion looks like immediately after we finish. Notice no bleeding.

Laser gingivectomy

Whether tissue needs to be removed for cosmetic reasons (often when placing veneers) or for restorative reasons (when decay is under the gumline) a dental laser can be a great help.

laser dentistry

In the middle photo at 5 days healing you can still see the redness where the laser gingivectomy was done to improve the extra gum tissue on that side

Laser treatment of cold sore and apthous ulcer

Many people still do not realize that you do not have to suffer from cold sores any more. We treat all cold sores complimentary for our patients. All one has to do is call and in about 1 minute of laser treatment we can stop it at whatever stage it is at and allow it to start to heal. This also works for aphtous ulcers but since they do not hurt nearly as much and aren’t embarrassing like cold sores, we don’t treat them as often.

cold sore laser treatment

This is the healing just a few days later. The vesicle never ruptured and immediately started to heal instead of spreading and rupturing into an open wound. The pain was completely gone after the laser treatment. If caught even earlier (at the first sign of a tingle) literally nothing will happen. No sore will even start. The laser stops cold sores dead in their tracks!