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Your Wheaton pediatric dentist

Wheaton pediatric dentist, Dr. Mark White, is a board certified pediatric dentist and specializes in dental treatment for children of all ages and special needs patients.  If you are looking for a family dentist, we are the office for you!  Besides pediatric dentistry, we have an orthodontist, and a general dentist all at the same location.  If you are like most suburban parents, your life is BUSY!  Imagine the convenience of taking care of all our your family’s dental needs under one roof.

Wheaton's pediatric dentist

Our practice dedicates itself to healthy teeth, starting at age 1!  We treat everyone, including small children, as an individual and base our treatment recommendations on that person’s unique circumstances.   As a pediatric dentist, Dr. White has extensive training in the psychological management of young children and those with special needs.
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A few benefits from our Wheaton pediatric dentist

  • We use the tell, show, do method for pediatric dentistry
  • Televisions in the ceiling are a great distraction for all our patients but the cartoons are great for the kids!
  • We have headphones that can play music or listen to the overhead television
  • Nitrous gas is on site and we utilize nitrous when you think it’s best
  • No use of physical restraining devices!
  • Strong topical anesthetic compounded by a pharmacy to ensure the injection is nearly painless
  • Buffered anesthetic to ensure the anesthetic is not acidic when injected and causing a burning sensation
  • We use the gate control theory of pain to ease the sensation of an injection
  • Use of tooth colored crowns instead of the stainless steel ones
  • We do full sedation at a local hospital when needed for special needs patients
  • Larger staff allows multiple children to be seen at same time therefore saving Mom and Dad time!
  • Since we have 3 different types of dentists, we can treat your entire family in one location