Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD

No matter where your child is at on the autism spectrum, you probably know that special steps and care need to be taken to ensure that your  child’s health care is handled properly.  A pediatric dentist specializes in the management of not only children but ASD as well.  We realize that every person is unique and although some of our techniques work great on some kids they can be disastrous for others.  This is why we have a specialized questionnaire for our children with ASD.  We know that as a parent you know many of the triggers that set your child off and also things that help call your child.  We want to learn all about those before you ever come in.  We also strongly recommend that you use our social story before your first visit.  We have taken the extra effort to create and print this social story to help make the dental visit a little easier for your child.  If there is a special object or toy that soothes your child, please bring this.

We also offer a dental tour as a first visit.  Some patients and parents feel more at ease when they can come and tour the dental office without having any work done.  This creates a great first experience.  Usually this visit consists of sitting in the dental chair and going up and down in the chair, a little talking, and a small prize at the end of the visit.  Many people do not take advantage of this option, and really don’t need it, but we do offer it.  For more information and ideas download this pdf provided by colgate.  Autism dental guide

A few more benefits for ASD from our Wheaton pediatric dentist

  • Customized social story about our office
  • Customized getting to know you sheet for ASD patients
  • Tell, show, do method is proven to ease dental anxiety
  • TVs in the ceiling to watch while doing the dental work
  • Headphones that can play music or listen to the overhead TV – some ASD children like headphones and some do not so let us know!!!
  • Block out shades and noise canceling headphones to decrease sensory input
  • Heavy lead-alternative apron, typically used for x-rays, can be used through whole procedure and acts like a security blanket
  • We have replaced bright fluorescent overhead lights with natural day light florescent
  • Nitrous gas used for those that need it
  • We do not use any physical restraining devices!
  • Prior to any injection, we use a very strong topical anesthetic compounded by a pharmacy.  This makes the injection nearly painless, most say they feel nothing.  Most offices just use 20% benzocaine, the same stuff they sell in the stores.
  • Occasionally we use buffered anesthetic to ensure the anesthetic is not acidic when injected and causing a burning sensation
  • We use the gate control theory of pain to ease the sensation of an injection
  • We do full sedation at a local hospital when needed for special needs patients