Preventative Care

Here at Bauer & Bauer, we care about the health of your child’s teeth and want to do the best we can to care for their growing jaws & teeth! Preventing cavities is the most important thing we can do, so with that in mind, we want to offer you suggestions on how to do so:

  1. Everyone loves candy & sugar, but keep in mind the consequences it can have on the teeth- especially young teeth! Limit your child’s intake of juice and sugary snacks and especially soda. Consider giving only water and milk as opposed to sugary drinks including juice and Gatorade. Even chocolate milk is a better alternative to Gatorade, juice, or soda. Opt for fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese, almonds/nuts, and pretzels as a snack alternative to sticky, chewy candies or hard candies. As always, follow your pediatrician’s recommendations when introducing new foods for your little ones.
  2. Be sure to be brushing twice a day and flossing before bed. Establishing this routine early on is beneficial for the future so your child understands the importance. Even if you can only brush with water, it is better than not brushing at all. The Doctors will help you establish this routine to make it a fun, beneficial experience for everyone!
  3. Do not make a big deal about going to see the dentist. So many parents pass their anxiety on to their children by acting like it’s going to be a major ordeal. NEVER EVER say anything like “Don’t worry, they won’t hurt you.” All they will hear and wonder is why they would need to be warned about being hurt. You’ve already set them up for failure.
  4. Educate your child about cavities. Here at Bauer & Bauer, we help educate on prevention, as well as offering Fluoride & sealants to help prevent cavities from happening. Sealants are a protective coating placed over the surface of molars to be used when needed. These things, along with visiting us every 6 months will help prevent the anxiety & fear of cavities!!
  5. If your child is in a contact sport, we recommend wearing a mouthguard! Protecting your teeth, lips, and gums from traumatic injuries is the best policy. Please ASK US if you are questionable about whether or not to wear a mouthguard!
  6. To prepare for their first visit: brush their teeth shortly before they come and tell them you are going to the doctor to have them look at their smile and teeth and a nice lady is going to brush their teeth just like mommy and daddy do. No need to say anything more. Saying much more than that can make them nervous that something is going on and they will be fearful. There are dental books for young children that are very helpful.

We can’t wait to see you here with your sweet little ones!!