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Digital dentures


Digital dentures or 3D printed dentures Digital dentures are dentures that we fabricate through a digital process. We mill a digital denture from a puck via CAD-CAM but some more temporary version may use 3D printing technology. Millings has some better properties and is superior in terms of trueness to printing. Kalberer JPD 2019 What […]

3D printed toothbrush

Dr. Bauer's are a Wheaton family dental practice

3D printed toothbrush Check out this weird looking toothbrush alternative that is custom made to fit your mouth and reduces brushing time to a fraction of what it used to take.  The Blizzident is a custom, 3D-printed toothbrush created from a scan of your teeth that allows you to complete brushing your teeth in as […]

3D printing in dentistry

Clear aligners for teeth

3D printing in dentistry 3D printing in dentistry has come a long way since this was first written. We currently utilize 2 3D printers in our office for models, surgical guides for dental implants, and orthodontic aligners. 3D printing in dentistry So for almost a year (2013) I have been watching the evolution of 3D […]