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Surgical flap for a dental implant

modified surgical flap for papilla creation

Surgical flap options for dental implants Surgical flaps around dental implants are important if you hope to maintain natural looking tissue and papilla. The modified dental implant surgical flap. This flap can help form form a papilla between two dental implants. Side by side implant uncovering However, this flap design from Zhang JPD 2022 is […]

Immediate dental implant placement with extraction

immediate dental implant curved roots acteon piezotome

Immediate dental implant placement Immediate dental implant survival rates about the same as those in mature bone.  No consensus on graft or membrane but primary closure preferred 1 Great article referencing Tarnows Chu and Salama  Dual Zone Technique What is the ideal site for an immediate? Some really want a screw retained crown for the […]