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Tooth material options

teeth material options acrylic teeth

What are your tooth material options for an all on 4 teeth? Tooth material options for your all on 4 teeth vary depending on your particular situation. Typically if doing an all on 4 or any implant prosthesis There are many options available for tooth material section for the all on 4 or other types […]

Tilted Implants

tilted implants prosthetic

The results of the 17 studies this study looks at finds that there is no higher risk for implant loss with tilted implants.     Tilting even in single arch appears to be fine. 1 Better off with short wide implant than tilted Seker 2014 Co-axis by Keystone external hex implant can replace tilted implant […]

Maintenance and Complications – Implant supported prosthesis

before and after dental implant

Maintenance and Complications – Implant supported prosthesis Maintenance and complications of the implant supported prosthesis is something we all must be aware of and paying attention to as the recommendations are likely to continue to evolve with new materials and new research. <–11th post 12th in a series of 17 on topic  Next post–> How […]