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Black triangle bioclear

black triangle Bioclear

Closing a black triangle with Bioclear Black triangle treatment with Bioclear is straight forward and easy treatment with predictable results. To see more before and after Bioclear black triangle treatments click the link. What is Bioclear? Bioclear is a brand name of a dental matrix system we use that have the proper shape built in. […]

Closing a dental black triangle


Injection of hyaluronic acid filler or silicone to close a black triangle. Closing a black triangle can be very difficult if not impossible.  A newer technique being used is to inject hyaluronic acid filler or silicone into the area. Steps to close a black triangle with filler Insert small amount of filler into 1cc luer […]

Closing black triangles?

Black triangle with Bioclear

Black triangle teeth treatment options Black triangle teeth treatment choices will vary from dentist to dentist and the method that we choose depends on the reason for the black triangle, the patient’s desires, and the dentist’s experience. Closing tooth black triangle options The main options for treating teeth black triangles are restoratively, orthodontically, prosthetically, or […]