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Teeth cleaning before braces?

teeth cleaning before braces

Do I need a teeth cleaning before braces? Do you need a teeth cleaning before braces? The short answer is YES! Why do orthodontists and dentists make you get a teeth cleaning before braces? There are many reasons that an orthodontist will want you to get a professional teeth cleaning before starting braces. Not least […]

Caring For Teeth With Braces

caring for teeth with braces

Caring for Teeth with Braces For many of us, braces are a part of life when we were kids. In many instances adults are getting braces as well. And like kids, we all enjoy reaping their benefits such as correcting crooked teeth, spacing out crowded teeth, bringing spaced out teeth back together, and genuinely improving […]

Preventative Care and Wheaton Orthodontics

A woman with long brown hair smiling outdoors, wearing a blue blouse with lace detailing, against a blurred background of green foliage after visiting her dentist.

Preventative Care and Wheaton Orthodontics Preventative care is a crucial part of your mouth’s health. When you neglect to care for your teeth and gums regularly, you are putting yourself at risk for more severe problems. Some of these problems may have long term or permanent effects and could also impact more than your oral […]

Nickel allergy or nickel sensitivity in dentistry and orthodontics – Wheaton orthodontist

wheaton orthodontics

Collection of studies and information about nickel allergy or nickel sensitivity in the dental field Orthodontics Nickel titanium wires are often used for orthodontics. Nickel ion release is higher when a cell phone is used a lot.  The saliva concentration of nickel in patients with nickel titanium wires or other orthodontic appliances containing nickel is […]

Custom Nail Logo – Nail Wraps


Custom Nail Logo Nail Wraps It seems like every day I get a million ‘invitations’ to various things on Facebook.  So and so invited you to such and such event. 90% of the time I decline the invites or ignore them all together.  A few months back I got an invite for a friends FB […]

3D printed braces

Danielle Bauer Wheaton orthodontist

This year 3D printed anything is all the rage.  One product you almost certainly have heard about but but didn’t know was 3D printed is Invisalign.  3d printers were among the hottest new products at CES this year.  To check out the others click here.  Check out these 3D printed braces!  And with a wheaton […]

Invisalign protecting it’s good name

Wheaton family dental practice

 This email just came to my wife, Dr. Danielle the wheaton orthodontist. I think this is another instance of Invisalign not wanting their product’s reputation tarnished by less than ideal practitioners trying to do Invisalign on patients who should be treated conventionally with brackets.  Invisalign is a great tool but it is not for everyone.  […]