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Digital dentures

digital dentures

Digital dentures or 3D printed dentures Digital dentures are dentures that we fabricate through a digital process. We mill a digital denture from a puck via CAD-CAM but some more temporary version may use 3D printing technology. Millings has some better properties and is superior in terms of trueness to printing. Kalberer JPD 2019 What […]

CAD CAM dental crown

orthodontic crowns

CAD CAM dental crowns and my cerec collection CAD CAM dental crowns are the name given to crowns made using CAD CAM technology and often refers to those made in the dental office. CAD CAM dental crown materials Feldspathic glass ceramic – CEREC Blocs by Sirona and Vita Mark II by Vident – high translucency […]

Laboratory work metal framework

dental implant internal view

<– 4th post 5th post of 17 on topic  Next post –> Metal framework material include gold (very expensive), Ti (currently most common), and CrCo (becoming more popular).  You can CAD CAM or laser sintering 3D print these.  Printing is more accurate but less common.  Ortorp 2011 DentMat Treatment of Ti bar:  sandblast, GC Metal […]

Laboratory work for Zirconia substructure CAD CAM

Zirconia framework

CAD CAM laboratory work for Zirconia substructures Laboratory work for Zirconia substructures is more technique and product sensitive than some of the other options. We must take great care must in product selection and fabrication of zirconia substructures. <–5th post  6th in a series of 17 on topic  Next post–> Laboratory work for zirconia substructures […]