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Xylitol….Is it effective at reducing dental decay?

Wheaton family dental practice

Yes but not all decay We have been recommending xylitol products for about 3 years now for our high risk patients (those getting a lot of cavities especially those taking medications that dry out their mouth).  I believe it may be helping some individuals, but am constantly monitoring the research to refine my recommendations.  Research […]

Partial caries removal vs. stepwise

Wheaton family dental practice

Deep caries removal – Partial caries removal, stepwise, or all at once? Stepwise caries removal is more successful and direct pulp capping and parial pulpotomy can have very low success rates. 2010 Bjørndal Eur J Oral Sci. Single step, partial decay removal has high success rate over 3 years=91% (use glass ionomer liner under comp […]