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CBCT vertical root fracture

CBCT vertical root fracture

Using a CBCT to find a vertical root fracture A tooth with a vertical fracture will often cause diffuse pain around the tooth that is difficult or impossible for the patient or doctor to accurately identify.  It can make several teeth in the area sore and although the patient can point to a general area, […]

CBCT (Cone beam computed tomography) in dentistry

lowest dose radiation CBCT available

A list of the cone beam computed tomography units available for dentistry today and some comparisons Following list includes many of the companies offering CBCT units in US and EU.  Units with only one company name likely not available in US. I personally use the iCAT FLX Asahi Roetgen (AUGE ZIO) Biolase (Biolase DaVinci) Carestream […]

Calcified carotid atheroma (calcified carotid artery plaque) AND aortic arch calcification

carotid artery

Calcified carotid atheroma (calcified carotid artery plaque) AND aortic arch calcification   Did you know that atherosclerosis of the coronary and carotid arteries resulting in MI and stroke is the leading cause of death amongst postmenopausal women in most of the industrialized world?  Unfortunately, 60% of these people get the initial indication of the disease […]

iCAT CBCT data

icat data

Assessment of phantom dosimetry and image quality of i-CAT FLX cone-beam computed tomography CBCT Results Child phantom doses were on average 36% greater than adult phantom doses. QuickScan+ protocols resulted in significantly lower doses than standard protocols. Conclusions QuickScan+ effective doses are comparable with conventional panoramic examinations. Significant dose reductions are accompanied by significant reductions […]

CBCT in dentistry

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CBCT in dentistry AAOMR recommends cross sectional imaging for dental implants since 2000 “Because the 3D information obtained with CBCT cannot be obtained with other 2D imaging modalities, it is virtually impossible to predict which treatment cases would not benefit from having this additional information before obtaining it.” Benavides et al  So basically it’s not […]

Mental Foramen and Anterior Loop


Where is the anterior loop? In relationship to the mental forman? Genetic variances position Santini BDJ 2012 Position between 1st and 2nd premolar European and Indian Directly below 2nd premolar in Chinese   Anterior loop = an extension of IAN, anterior to mental foramen, before existing canal Study 1010 patients CBCT 1/3 have averge 1.4mm […]