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Radiopaque jaw lesions

idiopathic osteosclerosis

Radiopaque lesions of the jaw Radiopaque jaw lesions or radiopaque area found on an x-ray? What is it? I’m going to slowly update with more interesting finds. Be aware most of these are bet guesses and not biopsy confirmed, as most do not warrant that. We have a post for radiolucent lesions on panos as […]

Calcified carotid atheroma (calcified carotid artery plaque) AND aortic arch calcification

carotid artery

Calcified carotid atheroma (calcified carotid artery plaque) AND aortic arch calcification   Did you know that atherosclerosis of the coronary and carotid arteries resulting in MI and stroke is the leading cause of death amongst postmenopausal women in most of the industrialized world?  Unfortunately, 60% of these people get the initial indication of the disease […]

CBCT in dentistry

Dr. Bauer's are a Wheaton family dental practice

CBCT in dentistry CBCT in dentistry is becoming much more common and the benefits are obvious. However, one must balance those benefits against the additional exposure of radiation. Professional organizations stance on CBCT use in dentistry AAE and AAOMR came out with a joint statement in 2015 stating that in the absence of clinical signs […]

iCAT flx CBCT for your dental care


iCAT flx CBCT in dentistry The new iCAT flx is an amazing piece of technology that Dr. Bryan and Danielle Bauer added to their practice in 2013.  CBCT technology allows for incredible detail and much more efficient and effective treatment by allowing doctors to see in 3 dimensions what your bones and soft tissue really […]

Mental Foramen and Anterior Loop


Where is the anterior loop? In relationship to the mental forman? Genetic variances position Santini BDJ 2012 Position between 1st and 2nd premolar European and Indian Directly below 2nd premolar in Chinese   Anterior loop = an extension of IAN, anterior to mental foramen, before existing canal Study 1010 patients CBCT 1/3 have averge 1.4mm […]