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Dental liner

dental liner

Dental liner – What is it? Dental liner is refers to a material or technique that we use to prevent sensitivity in deep dental fillings.  Dentists can use a variety of products and techniques.  Products care the market today are usually bioactive and/or resin based.  MTA, glass ionomer, resin-modified glass ionomer, calcium silicate, and others […]

Build up

air bubble dental build up x-ray

Dental build up A dental build up is a dental term which describes the process or the result of the procedure in which a broken down or incomplete tooth is built up. A dentist will do this in order to properly restore a tooth, typically with a dental crown. They are very common after a […]

Broken tooth fixed with composite

Martin before and after

Case of the week Sam took a spill late night on his college campus on a sheet of ice and landed directly on his mouth.  The result can be seen below.  Fortunately the tooth did not break into the nerve and I was thus able to restore the tooth with a composite veneer. I don’t […]

Broken front tooth saved by Dr. Bauer with composite veneer!

broken front tooth

Case of the week Frank fell and broke his tooth off as a young man but forntuantly saved the teeth and his previous dentist was able to bond the two pieces back togehter and it lasted for several decades UNTIL ……….   I received a photo in a text message stating the piece is now […]

Old brown filling

teeth cleaning visit

Case of the week This is NOT the same thing as a brown front tooth What do you see when Sally smiles? All Sally could see was that old discolored filling.  Although structurally there was nothing wrong with the composite filling, it no longer looked esthetically pleasing.  Composites used years ago lacked color stability properties […]

Sensitive teeth

gumline fillings

What do I do about my sensitive teeth? Sensitive teeth is a very common issue dentists deal with. What causes teeth to be sensitive? There are A LOT of patients with sensitive teeth and the issue is generally one of two things or a combination of the two. Overusing a whitening product, often a whitening […]

Do amalgams fracture teeth more than composite?

Wheaton family dental practice

Do amalgams fracture teeth more than composite?  There are not many good studies on this important topic but the answer appears to be yes.  However, it appears that the age, dental habits, and the size of the restoration are more important.  Also the type of crack, cusp fracture or vertical root fracture, seem to differ. […]

Amalgam vs Composite

amalgam to comp

Should you get a metal amalgam filling or a plastic composite filling? Amalgam vs Composite!! Amalgam vs composite is an ongoing controversy and depending on your desires, which one is best for you will depend. Researching amalgam vs composite? Read all about amalgams and dental composites here!  Amalgam is, as name implies, an amalgamation or […]

Are you thinking of removing your old metal amalgam filling?

Wheaton family dental practice

Are you thinking of removing your old metal amalgam filling? There is a small but vocal group of individuals in this country and around the world claiming that amalgam fillings are unhealthy and unsafe, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.  These people usually recommend that the amalgam fillings be replaced with composite white fillings.  […]