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Dental liner

dental liners

Dental liner – What is it? Dental liner is refers to a material or technique that we use to prevent sensitivity in deep dental fillings.  Dentists can use a variety of products and techniques.  Products care the market today are usually bioactive and/or resin based.  MTA, glass ionomer, resin-modified glass ionomer, calcium silicate, and others […]

Build up for endodontics – fracture resistance

RCT molar

Build up for endodontics – fracture resistance Monga 2009 showed that a bonded composite or amalgam is as good as natural tooth structure in fracture resistance.  Amalgam by itself is the least fracture resistance. Bryan Bauer, DDS, FAGD      630-665-5550                                                            Wheaton General and Cosmetic Dentists  

Sensitive teeth


What do I do about my sensitive teeth? Sensitive teeth is a very common issue dentists deal with. What causes teeth to be sensitive? There are A LOT of patients with sensitive teeth and the issue is generally one of two things or a combination of the two. Overusing a whitening product, often a whitening […]

Amalgam vs Composite


Should you get a metal amalgam filling or a plastic composite filling? Amalgam vs Composite!! Amalgam vs composite is an ongoing controversy and depending on your desires, which one is best for you will depend. Researching amalgam vs composite? Read all about amalgams and dental composites here!  Amalgam is, as name implies, an amalgamation or […]

Are you thinking of removing your old metal amalgam filling?

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Are you thinking of removing your old metal amalgam filling? There is a small but vocal group of individuals in this country and around the world claiming that amalgam fillings are unhealthy and unsafe, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.  These people usually recommend that the amalgam fillings be replaced with composite white fillings.  […]

Porcelain repair

Image of failed PFM repair

Need steps for a porcelain repair with composite? Porcelain repair with composite is possible but is more technique sensitive than most dentistry. Porcelain repair step by step Bevel and roughen with rough diamond (or sandblast) Apply 9% HF 1 minute – 90 seconds Regular phosphoric acid etch 20 seconds agitated to clean and remove salts […]

MMP inhibition

dental composite or white filling

MMP inhibition MMP=matrix metalloproteinase=zinc-dependent endopeptidase that degrade extracellular matrix proteins.  They are present in dentin and when exposed to a weak acid or even water become active so they do help slow decay grow. List of MMP inhibitors protease inhibitors Chlorhexidine galardin (synthetic MMP-inhibitor) green tea polyphenols (especially epigalolocatechin-3-gallate) tetracyclines and specifically doxycylcine Quaternary ammonium […]