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Cosmetic case published in Dental Product Shopper – Wheaton cosmetic dentist

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100% Porcelain crowns replace old porcelain fused to metal crowns Case of the week Grace has disliked her old porcelain fused to metal crowns for about 30 years.  This was totally unknown to our office until I added the question “Is there anything you are unhappy with?” to my regular examination chit-chat.  90-95% of the […]

Gummy Smile

gingivectomy before and after

How do we fix a gummy smile? A gummy smile starts to become unattractive to others once about 3mm of gum shows, although some say as little as 1mm is unattractive. These definitions give somewhere between 10-30% of us a gummy smile. There are many treatment options available including lip repositioning surgery. Causes (Etiology) of […]

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How long will it last? With DURAthin you and your patients can enjoy the industry’s longest warranty on any minimal to no prep veneer! What is it going to look like? The results are nothing short of overwhelming.  DURAthin Veneers are astounding the world’s most prestigious critics as they allow the patients natural tooth structure […]