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Bonding Agents

dental composite or white filling

 Dental Bonding Agents Basically all have an acidic conditioner, dentin primer, and bonding resin. 3M products Optibond products Bisco 4th Generation dental bonding agent Gold standard. 1 etch 2 rinse 3 prime 4 bond more technique sensitive Top 3 3M Adper Scotchbond Multi-purpose plus Optibond FL All-Bond 2 5th Generation dental bonding agent 1 etch […]

MMP inhibition

dental composite or white filling

MMP inhibition MMP=matrix metalloproteinase=zinc-dependent endopeptidase that degrade extracellular matrix proteins.  They are present in dentin and when exposed to a weak acid or even water become active so they do help slow decay grow. protease inhibitors Chlorhexidine galardin (synthetic MMP-inhibitor) green tea polyphenols (especially epigalolocatechin-3-gallate) tetracyclines and specifically doxycylcine Quaternary ammonium compounds Gluteraldhyde (GLUMA) may […]