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New porcelain crowns

crowns before and after emax

Porcelain fused to metal dental crowns replaced with emax porcelain crowns Case of the week Harry had old PFM crowns placed as a young man after a skiing accident broke both teeth.  At the time this was the best result that was possible.  Harry was interested in upgrading his smile and closing the gap between […]

Zirconia framework for implant supported hybrid denture – crowns too! How are they milled?

Zirconia framework

Zirconia framework and zirconia milling Zirconia framework option for an all on 4 can be a great framework option for an all on 4. The properties of  zirconia make it one of the most common dental ceramic in use.  It’s strong, like really strong, and the esthetics are improving. Zirconia framework milling for an all […]

Single front crown

dental crown for abnormal tooth

Case of the week Matching a single front tooth can be very challenging for both the dentist and the lab tech making the crown.  I give credit to my lab partner for her excellent work on this case. Can you guess which of these is a new crown?   For answer scroll down…… Bryan Bauer, […]