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Cement sepsis – Wheaton dental implant

resin cement

Cement sepsis causes possible loss of dental implant Case of the week I’ve spoken about this topic many times before and covered the techniques required to avoid it.  If the problem is discovered early I can save the implant without much issue at all, like I did here.  Today I saw a case of cement […]

Dental Veneers after failed dental implant

Failed implant replaced with dental veneers and bridge

Bridge or Implant (after a failed dental implant)? Failed dental implant can be a MAJOR PIA for the patient, the doctor that placed the implant, and the restoring doctor (if different).  First off, there is the question of who’s fault is it?  Was the implant placed properly in the bone?  Was there cement left behind […]

ICOI Dental Implant Seminar

before and after dental implant

ICOI Dental Implant Seminar 2014 Continuing education is an important aspect of life here at Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics.  Dr. Bauer, along with his staff attend many continuing education classes and seminars.  The most recently attended seminar was the ICOI Summer Implant Prosthetic Symposium that took place right here in Chicago last weekend!  Our entire […]

Peri-implantitis, peri-implant mucositis, and peri-implant gingivitis

treating peri-implantitis

What is peri-implantitis? Peri-implantitis is similar to periodontal disease in that it has 2 phases; peri-implantitis which is similar to periodontitis and peri-implant mucositis which is similar to gingivitis. Like periodontal disease individuals with peri-implantitis are more prone to systemic inflammation EBD 2024 Chhina. Periimplantitis is an inflammatory process with suppuration (pus) and/or bleeding with […]