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Abutment fracture

zirconia fragment tool

The abutment of either a titanium or zirconia can fracture Dental implant abutment fractures can happen. There is certain situations that are more common. Zirconia dental implant abutments are far more likely to fracture Dentaltown thread on when a zirconia abutment breaks JPD study from 2017 from Saponaro showing the novel use of a plastic […]

All on 6

all on 6

What is the all on 6 implant prosthesis? All on 6 implant procedure consists of 6 dental implants that support the entire upper or lower jaw of teeth. How do the all on 6 and all on 4 differ? As the name implies the main difference is that the all on 6 has 6 dental […]

Gold v titanium dental implant screw

Gold v titanium dental implant screw

Gold v titanium dental implant screw – Which is better? Gold v titanium dental implant prosthetic screw is a question dental professionals may ask themselves or be curious as to what is the difference between the two options. Does it impact our dental implants at all? What is the cost difference in gold v titanium […]

Flying after dental implant surgery

flying after dental implant surgery

Flying after dental implant surgery?  What are the rules? Flying after dental implant surgery for a single dental implant or just a few is not a concern. However, we recommend waiting if you have many dental implants, significant bone grafting, or a sinus lift. Flying after any surgery is a legitimate concern for those getting […]

Cement sepsis

cement sepsis on abutment

Cement sepsis – What is it? Cement sepsis is an infection and inflammation resulting from dental cement being around the crown abutment margin.  The body doesn’t like the rough surface as it harbors bacteria.  Since the body can not expel it, bone resorbs as an attempt to get away.  If we do not treat cement […]

Dental code cement sepsis

dental screw access

Dental code cement sepsis and dental code peri-implantitis charges “Dental code cement sepsis” or “dental code peri-implantitis” are probably one of the search terms that lead you here. If so then you are in the right spot. What are charges and codes for cement sepsis? There are two ways you could remove the cement from […]

Screw retain versus cement retain?

Image of wheaton dentists

Should you screw retain or cement retain your dental implant crown? Screw retain vs cement retain for a dental implant really depends on doctor preference. Experience of the dentist is far more important than which you choose IMHO. Screw v cement dental implant research Results of a systemic review on screw retain vs cement retain […]

High torque on dental implants during placement


High torque does not impact success of dental implant High insertion torque for dental implant is >50Ncm Cassetta JOMI 2022 High implant torque (>50Ncm) does not result in greater stability. Li JOMI 2015 – Meta-analysis – Marginal bone loss shows no correlation to conventional and high torque for dental implant High torque in dense bone […]