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Impression coping reuse

wheaton dental implant

Reuse of impression copings and healing abutments Reuse of impression copings and healing abutments is a debatable topic in clinical dentistry. Dentists can and should reuse impression copings after sterilization. There are studies using impression copings and scan bodies for dental implant impressions 10 times without distortion after sterilization.  Alikhasi 2013 Sawyers 2019 IJOMI Seems […]

Canine substitution vs implant

canine substitution

Canine substitution vs implant vs Maryland bridge Canine substitution vs implant is a debate many orthodontists have internally with cases of missing laterals. Another solution is also the Maryland bridge, although many consider this more of a long term temporary solution.     When deciding between canine substitution and dental implants what should you consider? […]

EZ Stent by AD Surgical


EZ Stent is a model based guide that is basically one step better than going guideless but nowhere near the recently tested 3D click guide or a true CBCT guide.  I actually like this system quite a bit.  For most cases all I really need is the CBCT to know it’s not a terribly complex […]

Implant showing

wheaton dental implant

A dental implant showing can be an esthetic or biological issue or both. Dental implants that are above the gumline and you can see are an issue. If the threads are exposed it will be difficult to clean and cause biological issues. If you can see the metal it will cause an esthetic issue. How […]

Mandibular Incisive Canal MIC


Mandibular Incisive Canal = MIC = anterior extension of mandibular canal anterior to the mental foramen Rarely known if damaged because just makes anterior teeth numb and hard for patient to tell, plus teeth often missing in that area if getting implant there   Lit review The occurrence of the mandibular incisive canal was 11 […]

Dental Implant Risk Factors


Dental implant risk factors PEARL Network risk factors JADA 2014 July History severe periodontitis Preexisting inflammation in site (endo lesion or perio lesion) Type IV bone Immediate vs delayed Anterior vs posterior Risk Factors (highlight those linked to “cluster phenomenon”) poor bone quality or bone bone support untreated chronic periodontitis active infections systemic diseases (diabetes […]

Dental Implant Surface


Dental implant surface options Dental implant surfaces are changing as more and more companeis try new things to slightly increase the success or BIC of their dental implants. Statement paper on different surfaces Aljateeli 2013 Implant Dentistry HA and Calcium phosphate – material helps in early bone formation Grit blasted – Al2O or TiO2 should […]

Dental Implant Research


Dental Implant Research Oct 12  1.5-2mm bone buccal and lingual narrow diameter 3.75mm or less conical connection abutment platform switch .4mm or more provisionalize immediately definitive stock Zr abutment and abutment level impression 1.5mm to tooth 3mm between implants 5mm from crest to contact point for papilla fill subcrestal placement They are talking about Ankylos […]

Immediate dental implant placement with extraction

kan tooth bone position anterior

Immediate dental implant placement dental implant Immediate dental implant survival rates about the same as those in mature bone.  No consensus on graft or membrane but primary closure preferred 1 Great article referencing Tarnows Chu and Salama  Dual Zone Technique What is the ideal site for an immediate? ITI says must have Intact socket walls […]