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Dental tourism risks

dental tourism infection

Dental tourism risks and dental implant dental tourism risks Dental tourism risks are very real and there is no recourse for patients that have bad work or end up with major infections or permanent damage or nerve damage. All on 4 and dental implants are the highest risk of having major problems. Most patients looking […]

Implant that was not needed – Apical root fracture

horizontal root fracture

Did the Germans blitzkreig this case and treat more aggressively than needed? Young patient has sports accident and fractures a front tooth.  Pretty common really.  So common in fact that there is good data and research on what happens when we watch these teeth.  Check out my horizontal root fracture post. This girl has an […]

Platform Switching Research


Platform Switching Research .4mm or more seems to be the number Systemic Review Shows platform switching is favorable Monje 2015 JOMI Platform Switching works. .4mm or greater but survival same  Lit review by Atieh and Ibrahim   Shifts inflammation away allowing CT extend coronally past microgap Cochran 2013 “platform switching, seems to provoke a circular […]

Dental Implant impressions


Dental implant impressions research Splinted is better than nonsplinted at higher degrees of angulation.  No difference with straighter implants.  Tsagkalidis 2015 JPD Metal tray better than plastic stocks.  But what about custom??? Splinted better than non-splinted for complete arch cases  Encode impressions less accurate than open or closed 1  Systemic Review Papaspyridakos JOMI 2014 – […]



 Will last longer, slower turnover. Bio-Oss by Geistlich – Bovine Cancellous Bone (American Regent and Osteohealth may distribute also) Bio-Oss Pen by Geistlich – delivery system for Bio-Oss Equimatrix by Osteohealth – porous bone mineral matrix produced by removing all organic components of equine bone available in cancellous and cortical NuOss Xs by ACE Surgical […]