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Denture problems

denture cracked down the middle denture problems

Denture problems and their solutions Denture problems plague most if not all dentists from time to time. This is a list of common issues and fixes. To see the step by step denture fabrication you can go to our denture page or for more detail click here. Maxilla denture problems Sore spots – Mark obvious […]

Dental care in the ICU reduces risk of infection – Wheaton Dentist


The importance of dental care in relation to lung infection A new study by Bellissimo 2014 shows that dental care received in the ICU reduced the risk of lung infection by 56%.  Survival rates were only slightly better but the decrease in infections and time spent in the hospital is pretty substantial. There have been […]

Denture Reline


Denture Reline – Tissue Conditioner and Denture Soft Reline Materials Denture reline products vary primarily by what the chemistry of the product is. Therefore on this page I list products by their basic chemical make up. What I consider the best denture reline material, tissue conditioner or soft reline, for a few common uses. For […]

Hard Reline

Dr. Bauers family and the pediatric dentist

Hard reline products COE-RECT – GC America Inc. Elite Hard Relining – Zhermack Inc GC RELINE – GC America Inc. Hygenic Acrylic – Coltène Justi – American Tooth Industries KOOLINER – GC America Inc. MucoHard Hard Reline Resin – Parkell, Inc. Original Truliner / New Truliner – Bosworth Company Probase / SR Ivocap / IvoBase […]

Dental impression

block out material for dental impression

Dental impression information Dental impression research and comparisons. Impression vs digital scan There are reasons to use both of these in certain situations but often it comes down to doctor preference. Dental impressions Metal tray better than plastic.   Putty better than heavy/light.  Dental digital scans  List of most of the big names CEREC® (learn more) […]

Lab Technique


Lost wax investment technique with teeth in a wax trial denture Advancements PMMA used since 1930’s polymethylmethacrylate Recent advancements is delivery of PMMA through injection molding In 2002 LC thermoplastic urethane-dimethacrylate resin Advantage of urethane-dimethacryalte No monomer No flasking and packing Short processing times Less than half volumetric shrinking compared to PMMA Will bond to […]

Fiber reinforced substructures


Fiber reinforced substructures for an implant supported framework. Fiber reinforced substructures or frameworks for the implant supported denture are possibly the future. They have so many great advantages and I have gotten into using them on certain cases. <–8th post  9th in series of 17 on this topic  Next post–> Advantages of the fiber reinforced […]