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External Cervical Resorption

external cervical resorption treatment

External Cervical Resorption Treatment options – Also known as Invasive Cervical Root Resorption External cervical resorption and the subset of extra canal invasive resorption can be detrimental to a tooth. This pages discusses external cervical resorption treatment options and also discusses some general information about external invasive cervical root resorption. The best article I’ve seen […]

Scleroderma or Systemic sclerosis


Scleroderma (systemic sclerosis) and oral health care Scleroderma is a chronic auto-immune condition that mostly affects women.  Rather than get into too much detail about the disease we will dicuss the effects it has on the mouth. Also we will show how you can reduce those negative effects. Symptoms of Scleroderma in the oral cavity […]